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JKPS, India

Breaking the cycle of poverty and injustice in Kolkata through community development, education, advocacy and physical support
Hidden behind the thriving industrialised region of Kolkata are rural communities, living in extreme poverty. JKPS has an extensive ministry, serving these slum communities and the most vulnerable, all done through the lens of Jesus' love for all. They run education centres, mobile medical units, micro-finance schemes, community development programmes and anti-trafficking work.
8 young women practicing a choreographed dance routine

How JKPS, India are changing the lives of their community

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Providing tutoring for children in slum communities, where school provision is very poor and many children end up leaving education at a young age. Children are sponsored through our ChildAid programme.
doctors standing around a table, talking to a patient.

Medical Camps

Providing health and dental care to poor communities around Kolkata, using mobile medical units.
two women working together to design a garment.


Providing microfinance schemes and training to women, enabling them to start or develop a small business.
A young woman being embraced by three other women.

Anti-traffic Work

Providing safety for victims of human trafficking and children of women working in the red-light district via an extensive network of homes and support centres, run through JKPS’s sister organisation, Mahima Homes. The women and children have access to healthcare, legal advice, counselling, food and vocational training.

Make an Impact Today

Join the mission today by donating or becoming a ChildAid sponsor. Your support helps provide anti-trafficking work, education, healthcare and a path to self-sufficiency for those in need. With your help, JKPS can continue to serve vulnerable people in Kolkata, India.