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Wakisa Ministries, Uganda

Providing physical, emotional and spiritual support to young mothers facing trauma and rejection

In the heart of Uganda, Wakisa Ministries runs a pregnancy crisis centre, providing a safe space for young mothers to heal. The women have often suffered sexual abuse from a family member or neighbour, resulting in rejection by their community and at risk of poor health. Wakisa Ministries provides these precious young mothers with the tools they need to support themselves after they leave the centre.

How Wakisa Ministries, Uganda are changing the lives of their community

a group of nine pregnant ladies lined up in a line, smiling at the camera


Providing pre- and post-natal medical care and classes on how to care for a child to young women. Mothers arriving at Wakisa Ministries are often malnourished and suffering from the impacts of abuse.

a young mother looking into the camera whilst holding her newborn baby.


Providing one-to-one counselling for the women as they heal from the trauma they have experienced and, where appropriate, helping to reconcile them with their families.

a woman reading the bible to a group at church

Gospel Teaching

Providing a loving, Christian environment for the young girls to be nurtured in, where they can participate in chapel services and Bible studies.

a young woman holding up a garment she made to the camera.

Vocational Skills and Education

Providing vocational skills training such as sewing, cooking and agriculture, plus educational support for those returning to school.

Make an Impact Today

Join the mission today by donating. Your support helps provide temporary shelter, counselling and pre- and post-natal medical care to these young mothers, ensuring they don’t have to face pregnancy alone. With your help, Wakisa Ministries can continue to serve vulnerable women in Uganda.