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Kanal Hayat, Turkey & West Asia

Broadcasting Christian content into Turkey and West Asia to reach those seeking truth

Despite the strong opposing cultures in the region and the increasing risks from extremist groups, Kanal Hayat’s programmes continue to open people’s hearts to Jesus. Broadcasting into predominantly Muslim areas, they use their satellite TV channel, as well as their website, YouTube channel and other social media platforms, to publish engaging Christian content.

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How Kanal Hayat, Turkey & West Asia are changing the lives of their community

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Evangelistic Programmes

Providing compelling Gospel content, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to areas where there is little to no Christian input. This includes evangelistic films, seminars, documentaries, music programmes and life stories of famous people who have faith in Jesus.

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Discipleship Programmes

Providing Bible teaching and discipleship, both televised and online, to isolated believers who have limited local fellowship. Topics include practical Christian living, features for women and children’s programmes.

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Follow-up Network

Providing a way for viewer responses to be answered with either a home visit to give more information and prayer support, or by introducing them to local Christians and churches to connect with. The number of people responding to the broadcasts is ever-increasing and there are growing opportunities for Kanal Hayat to meet with those responding.

Make an Impact Today

Join the mission today by donating. Your support helps provide Christian TV and online content into Turkey and West Asia to reach out to those seeking truth and hope. With your help, Kanal Hayat can continue to connect viewers with local believers, enabling Gospel-centered fellowship to flourish in areas where there is none.