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HEAL Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Providing physical, spiritual and social healing to the people of DR Congo through holistic care

HEAL Africa runs a Christian medical ministry in the war-torn region of DR Congo. It has evolved beyond a hospital to encompass a more holistic approach, focusing on rebuilding individuals and communities through a range of development programmes rooted in Christian principles.

three newborn babies lying next to each other on a hospital bed.

How HEAL Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo are changing the lives of their community

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Providing specialised care for patients in obstetrics & gynaecology (including fistula repair), orthopedics & traumatology, internal medicine, paediatrics, family medicine, emergencies, pathology, radiology, etc. The poorest and most vulnerable patients are helped through the Mercy Fund.

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Training Medical Professionals

Providing teaching and training for Congolese doctors at HEAL Africa’s tertiary hospital in the city of Goma, particularly in the fields of Family Medicine and General Surgery, to help address the shortage of qualified medical professionals in DR Congo.

a large group of people sitting outside, a mixture of children and women.


Providing training in Clinical Pastoral Care (CPT) for chaplains and pastors from churches, schools and prisons. Providing follow-up training for local chaplains, pastors & church leaders, and community & local authority leaders in different communities, teaching them the ‘SALT approach’ to active listening & reconciliation mediation.

Make an Impact Today

Join the mission today by donating. Your support helps provide compassionate medical care, train health professionals and facilitate chaplaincy work. With your help, HEAL Africa can continue to serve vulnerable people in DR Congo.