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ChrisFon, Pakistan

Hope, dignity and sustainability for those enslaved in bonded labour in Pakistan

ChrisFon faithfully serves those living in poverty in the brick kiln communities of Pakistan, helping people to combat injustice. With little access to education or alternative income opportunities, families are left enslaved by the deep-rooted bonded labour system. Debts often pass from one generation to the next, leaving children to repay the family debt. ChrisFon’s mission is to share the love of God through community development. 

A man with a beard stands in front of stacks of bricks at a brick kiln, wearing a traditional light grey outfit.

How ChrisFon, Pakistan are changing the lives of their community

A young girl in a white headscarf and turquoise outfit sits at a sewing machine, with other women around her.


Providing income generation opportunities and training including animal husbandry, growing vegetables and sewing clothes. ChrisFon also educates labourers in personal financial and debt management.

A smiling woman in a green headscarf holds a plate of flowers, with others around her, in an outdoor setting near a brick wall.

Health Camps

Providing health camps in order to educate people on good hygiene and tackle common problems that otherwise go undiagnosed.

A man in a suit gestures with his hands while speaking outdoors, with a brick wall and tree in the background.


Providing opportunities for people to hear the Gospel and support for believers who are persecuted because of their faith.

Four smiling children stand close together against a brick wall, with a few people and more bricks in the background.

Literacy Training

Providing reading classes to tackle the high rates of illiteracy in families and therefore help them to better understand their employment contracts.

Make an Impact Today

Join the mission today by donating. Your support helps prevent the cycle of poverty from continuing and frees those enslaved in bonded labour. With your help, ChrisFon can continue to use its multi-pronged approach to ministry, bringing hope, dignity and sustainability to those who have been struggling for generations.