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Beginning of Life, Moldova

Empowering those lacking opportunities in Moldova, addressing physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs

Beginning of Life empowers people in Moldova, regardless of background, to find their voice, fostering the hope of the Gospel and transformation in families and communities. In a country with poor education, limited job opportunities, mass migration, high rates of domestic abuse and human trafficking, Beginning of Life runs a range of enriching programmes from its Urban Centre.

How Beginning of Life, Moldova are changing the lives of their community

An infant child with an adult, practicing arts and crafts.

Early Years Support

Providing a healthy and safe learning environment for preschool children and their parents. Improving parenting skills & parent-child relationships and providing practical & psychological support to families in need.

A group of young people, embracing each other in a circle.

Youth Development

Providing holistic personal development for vulnerable young people, both at the Urban Centre and in schools.

a group of older women practicing arts and crafts around a table.

Psychological Art Studio

Providing therapeutic services to restore the well-being of children, adolescents and adults who are survivors of psychological trauma, abuse and war (in particular Ukrainian refugees).

Make an Impact Today

Join the mission today by donating. Your support helps prevent exclusion and exploitation, empowering people of all ages to achieve their God-given potential. With your help, Beginning of Life can continue to bring hope and purpose to many in Moldova.