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PiFò Haiti

Empowering future generations through Haitian-led education and community development programmes
What began as a ministry to provide Christian education to children on the island of La Gonâve, Haiti, has slowly evolved to become the holistic support network it is today. PiFò Haiti (using the Haitian Créole word meaning stronger) focuses on capacity, not poverty, as it empowers future generations, all with the goal of locally-led sustainability.

How PiFò Haiti are changing the lives of their community

Four children embracing each other at school.

Student Scholarships

Providing hundreds of Haitian children with quality education, taught by Christian teachers and partially funded by scholarships.
three men looking over a brick wall into the camera, smiling.

Vocational Training Support

Providing tuition assistance and financial support for people wanting to undertake teaching training or attend a local trade school, leading to employment opportunities and self-sustainability.
One man, looking into the camera, whilst working on a farm.

Community Garden Project

Providing a sustainable way to combat severe food insecurity through a large garden project in the mountainous community of Palma. It also provides the creation of jobs for local people who will grow and sell the produce.
A group of people lining up for food at a canteen

Food Programme

Providing nutritious meals or dry food packages to the vulnerable when the need arises, including school pupils, the elderly, prison inmates and people living in poorer neighbourhoods.

Make an Impact Today

Join the mission today by donating. Your support enables a team of Haitians on the island of La Gonâve to empower future generations through education and development programmes. With your help, PiFò Haiti can continue to invest in local initiatives and the economy through Haitian-led projects.