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Christian Mission to Gaza

Encouraging, supporting and equipping persecuted Christians and refugees in Gaza

Christian Mission to Gaza operates in one of the world's most challenging environments, addressing the physical and spiritual needs of hundreds of Christian and Muslim families in Gaza. Amidst extreme population density, poverty, and ongoing conflict, our mission is to serve those in need with compassion and impartiality. By partnering with local organizations, we provide essential aid, education, Christian discipleship, and psychological support. Together, we can bring relief and the love of Jesus to those suffering in Gaza.

Children eagerly hold out bowls as a man ladles food into them from a large pot, with another man assisting, in an outdoor setting.

How Christian Mission to Gaza are changing the lives of their community

Three men stand in a narrow alleyway holding bags of supplies, wearing jackets on a chilly day.

Aid Distribution

Providing food, clean water and essential items to struggling refugee families. Longer term they are committed to reducing the need for hunger relief by helping families achieve more stable lives.

Two young children in school uniforms sit at a table, with one girl eating an apple and a boy looking curiously at the camera


Providing support to Lighthouse School, the only evangelical school in the Gaza Strip, catering for 240 students. They fund scholarships, uniforms and daily lunches for the pupils.

Two men warmly embrace, smiling with their eyes closed, in a heartfelt moment indoors.

Christian Witness

Providing discipleship to persecuted Christians and Gospel outreach to Muslims, in partnership with Gaza Baptist Church, the only evangelical church in the Gaza Strip. Among the nearly two million Muslims in Gaza there are only an estimated 1,000 Christians.

Two young girls smile and form a heart shape with their hands, wearing casual jackets and standing in front of a blue metal fence.

Psychological Support

Providing counselling sessions and workshops to those psychologically affected by the conflict, helping adults and children to articulate emotions and overcome trauma.

Make an Impact Today

Join the mission today by donating. Your support helps to serve those affected, both physically and psychologically, by the conflict in the Gaza Strip. With your help, Christian Mission to Gaza can continue to provide relief for the hurting in Jesus’ name.