Planting churches to build relationships with the most vulnerable and working to heal communities both physically and spiritually. Equipping individuals to be independent workers and evangelists in their own communities.


Our partners in Albania are a church planting ministry which use a development process called Community Health Evangelism (CHE). This addresses the needs of the whole person – physical, spiritual, emotional and social. By using CHE, they equip individuals to be independent workers and evangelists in their own communities.

In 1967, Albania’s communist leader declared "Albania believes there is no God' and all religious activities were strictly prohibited. Since the fall of communism in 1991, religious activities were re-established but the culture in Albania was heavily Atheist, Muslim and Orthodox.

The work of the Medical Ambassadors Foundation in Albania focuses on three villages which are predominantly Muslim communities. Many of the communities reached by this ministry, face economic problems, poor infrastructure and hygiene, health problems and a lack of knowledge about God.

Albania boys
Albania family
Albania kids
Albania boys group

Programmes Include…

  • Bible study
  • Regular youth activities
  • Children’s activities
  • Couples sessions
  • Training for leaders
  • Men’s groups
  • Women’s groups

About Albania

Albania’s GDP is around 30% of the EU average and unemployment is high. Many Albanians rely on small family enterprises and subsistence farming for income. Both health care and social care in the country is under-developed leading to high social problems across communities. Albania is a predominantly Muslim culture, with some Orthodox and atheist traditions also.