Planting churches and developing communities in Myanmar, where Christians face adversity, persecution and isolation.


Our ministry partner, Word of Hope, leads an Assemblies of God church which aims to share the Gospel with the people of Myanmar. The population of Myanmar is heavily populated with Buddhists. The ministry focuses on church planting and outreach work across the country. They also run the Hope Bible College, as well as caring for just under 50 children at the Word of Hope Orphanage.

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Word of Hope children
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Christians in Myanmar make up 4% of the population, however they face adversity, oppression and isolation. Often from minority ethnic groups, Christians are generally kept out of positions of power and influence in the country. Alongside the persecution of Rohingya Muslims, persecution of Christians is high - over 3,000 Christian villages have been burned in the last 10 years. Word of Hope is tackling perceptions and barriers to bring more people to Jesus.

Programmes include:

Word of Hope Orphanage

Serving around 50 children from some of the poorest areas of Myanmar. Some of the children are orphaned, some abandoned and some have parents unable to afford to care for them. The ministry aims to help each child to develop physically, intellectually and spiritually. As well as a home, the children are provided with food and medical checks as well as a safe and positive environment. Children are sponsored here through our ChildAid programme

Word of Hope Myanmar

Hope Bible College

Hope Bible College is training individuals in order to equip them to become Evangelists and Pastors in their own communities. With approximately 30 students being trained, Word of Hope is helping to ensure that the Gospel of Christ will not only be being spread in Myanmar now, but well into the future.

Hope Bible College Myanmar

Community outreach

Word of Hope work in and around their local community, helping to spread the Gospel of Hope with physical demonstrations of God’s provision when need is highest. During times of need, they are able to distribute food and provisions as required. Throughout the year, they continue to reach out to the neediest within their community, living out Jesus' command to clothe the poor and to feed the hungry.

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Word of Hope’s 2021 impact

  • 25

    Children educated

  • 8

    New leaders trained

  • 75

    Communities/families impacted

  • 28

    People received medical care

About Myanmar

Myanmar, also known as Burma, was ruled for decades by a military regime which brutally repressed its minority people and stood accused of gross human rights abuses.  Myanmar is one of the world’s most impoverished, isolated and secretive states which still experiences unrest.