The Medical Ambassadors Foundation (MAF) in Albania has been church planting, evangelising, and carrying out children’s ministry for over 20 years in poor, marginalised and needy villages and communities based around the Southern Albanian city of Korcé. In these predominantly Muslim villages, poverty, high unemployment levels and a lack of access to basic facilities mean that many have lost hope.


Patriot and the team at MAF have been a consistent presence in these communities since 1999, sharing the love of Christ, and the hope that the Gospel brings, where both love and hope are often absent. Over recent years, that presence has been able to be solidified by the purchase and re-assignment of three buildings to be permanent churches within the communities. Much of MAF’s work is done using a process called Community Health Evangelism (CHE). This addresses the needs of the whole person; physical, spiritual, emotional, and social. By using CHE, they help to grow the maturity of these communities, equipping individuals to be evangelists themselves.

A significant amount of MAF’s outreach is to children and young people, through youth groups, summer camps, and children’s worship. Where the team identify particularly needy and at-risk children, they are able to provide support to them through WorldShare’s ChildAid scheme. For these children, being a part of the ChildAid scheme helps to give them access to food, clothing and basic needs, as well as nurturing, counselling and education support, as well as helping them learn about the love of Christ by them attending one of the organisations youth groups.

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Programmes include:

  • Church planting & establishing
  • Child Sponsorship (providing support to the neediest families)
  • Community development work
  • Bible study
  • Regular youth activities
  • Children’s activities
  • Couples sessions
  • Training for leaders
  • Men’s groups
  • Women’s groups

Medical Ambassadors Foundation’s 2021 impact

  • 1

    New church/house group

  • 11

    New leaders trained

  • 293

    Children attended Bible camps

  • 60

    Food/relief parcels distributed

About Albania

Albania suffered under one of the most brutal Communist regimes in Europe, with the government supressing and even outlawing all religious beliefs and acts in 1967. Following the fall of communism in 1991, religious activities have been re-established, allowing people to practise their faith, though the country and its society remains very secular in nature. Although many individuals do not practice their faith, around 60% of the population identify as Muslim, with around 17% identifying as Christian and just 0.14% of the population identifying as Evangelical.  

Partly because of the impact of this oppressive regime, Albania’s GDP is lower than all other EU countries, being around 30% of the EU average. Unemployment is high, and even when in work, average wages are only $400 per month. Many Albanians work abroad, and those who remain, rely on small family enterprises and subsistence farming for income. Education, health care and social care in the country, is under-developed, leading to high social problems across communities, particularly in rural areas.