Wakisa Ministries runs a pregnancy crisis centre in the heart of Uganda providing a safe space for young mothers to heal and build a better, more hope-filled future.


Wakisa Ministries has been serving young mothers from across Uganda since 2005, and reflects God’s loving care for the outcast and suffering in all that it does. The young women it serves have often suffered sexual abuse from their family members and neighbours, resulting in them being rejected by their communities and at risk of poor maternal and child health. Through its pregnancy crisis centre, Wakisa provides temporary shelter, counselling and pre- and post-natal medical care to these young mothers ensuring they don’t have to face pregnancy alone.

Through vocational skills training, young mothers are given the tools they need to support themselves after they leave the centre, enabling them to build a better, more hope-filled future.

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Wakisa Ministries provides:


Many have been abandoned, rejected or abused by their families. Mothers are given counselling as they heal from the trauma they have experienced and, where needed, help to reconcile with their families.

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Pregnancy Care

When they first arrive at Wakisa, mothers are often malnourished and suffering from the impacts of abuse. To ensure they recover and experience a safe birth, young mothers are provided with medical care. To prepare them for motherhood they are also given lessons in how to care for their child.

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Gospel Teaching

Opportunities to take part in Bible studies, chapel services and being cared for in a Christian environment gives the young girls the chance to experience God’s love for them, and grow in their faith.

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Vocational Skills and Education

Through vocational skills training such as cooking, candle-making and agriculture, and educational support for those returning to school, young mothers grow in confidence, and are equipped with the skills they need to provide for their newborn baby.

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About Uganda

Uganda is home to over 42 million people, and while the country has made significant progress in reducing poverty over recent years, there are millions who still struggle to break free from the cycle of poverty. Most of these people live in remote rural communities that lack the opportunities enjoyed by more developed and connected parts of the country.