July 2021

Nepal Covid-19 Emergency Response

The amazing generosity of supporters earlier in the year in response to our Emergency Relief for India Appeal, meant vital funds were also able to reach Nepal. The open border between India and Nepal, and Nepal’s heavy reliance on India for goods, meant that the second wave of Covid-19 rapidly spread through the country.

Thousands have lost their lives, cases continue to rise and the virus has now spread to rural villages. The country has limited health resources to fall back on, with few ventilators or oxygen cylinders, leaving people desperate. With your support however, Good Friends of Nepal (GFN) has been able to shine a glimmer of hope into this dark situation. The team has been focusing on rural areas where the few medical centres that do exist, don’t even have basic facilities or access to PPE.

Medical relief


In early June, the team were welcomed with great joy by rural villages in Nuwakot, the closest district to the capital city Kathmandu, Bidur and Dupcheshwar. They travelled through heavy rain with vehicles full of vital medical items including PPE, oxygen cylinders, soap and hospital beds. The Lord protected and guided them throughout, and in one area they arrived just in time to save a patient from dying by providing life-saving oxygen.

It is amazing to see the commitment of GFN as they travel into such high risk areas day after day. Ministry leader Bhim Lal, who himself suffered from Covid-19 in the first wave, shares his motivation:

This is the life I have chosen and committed to live serving the Lord by serving his people whom he has so loved and created in his own image.

Lack of education

GFN - Online schooling

With a national lockdown in place many children are struggling to continue with their education. Lessons have shifted online but most families do not have the technology for children to access these, particularly in rural areas.

The New Vision Children’s Homes, which GFN run, at least have some resources but still not enough tablets, mobiles or computers to support all students. Staff have resorted to lending their mobile phones in order to increase access.

Please pray for both India and Nepal as they continue to battle Covid-19. There are now fears a new variant and third wave may soon hit the region. To receive the latest prayer updates, follow us on social media.