March 2024

Allen's story of transformation

Allen was born in Uganda into a family of nine siblings. She faced difficulties early in life when her mother passed away at the tender age of three. The remarriage of her father caused a strained relationship, leading her to run away from home. Seeking refuge with a sister who was a farmer, Allen juggled school life and the challenges of living with a sibling’s family.

During her school years, Allen lacked financial support for basic needs at school. To cope, she entered into a relationship with a taxi driver who provided some financial relief. However, this led to an unintended consequence – Allen discovered she was pregnant and was left on her own.

Allen studying, Wakisa Ministries

But praise God! She was introduced to our ministry partner, Wakisa Ministries, where her journey of transformation began.

Through its Pregnancy Crisis Centre, Wakisa provides temporary shelter, counselling and pre- and post-natal medical care to young mothers, ensuring they don’t have to face pregnancy alone. Through vocational skills training, young mothers are given the tools they need to support themselves after they leave the centre, enabling them to build a better, more hope-filled future.

At Wakisa, Allen engaged in various skill-building activities, learning to craft bags, sweaters, and candles, as well as mastering baking in cookery classes. Computer classes equipped her with valuable digital skills including typing and sending emails. Despite bitterness towards her family, counselling at Wakisa played a pivotal role in helping Allen overcome resentment and forgive her father, stepmother and sister. Wakisa became more than a shelter; it became her home.

Allen in nurse uniform, Wakisa Ministries

Allen gave birth to a baby boy, marking a new chapter in her life. Four years later, an opportunity emerged for her to resume her education. Driven by a dream to become a nurse, Allen is now in her last semester of nursing school. Her aspirations extend beyond academic achievements – she envisions making a meaningful impact by helping those in need once she enters the field.

Allen’s story is one of transformation and forgiveness. Give thanks to God with us for the way He used Wakisa Ministries to bring hope to this young woman and please pray for her as she completes her studies.