Here are other ways in which you could consider giving to WorldShare…

In Celebration

Perhaps you have a birthday or anniversary coming up and would like people to make a donation to WorldShare instead of giving you presents? If that’s you, and you would like some information leaflets to give to your family then please contact us. We can also provide this information via email if you prefer.

You could hold a fundraiser using Facebook, point people to our website to donate online or collect donations yourself and send them onto us by post. Just let us know so that we can thank you appropriately.

Our Supporters

Meet Jo & Susie

Jo & Susie celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in early 2020. They said,

Jo and Susie - In Celebration

“We had a simply wonderful few days of God’s radiant blessings upon us, our family and our church family. The anniversary event itself was a fantastic celebration of 100 family and friends. We asked for no presents, instead we offered our guests the opportunity to give to one of three charities close to our heart, one of which was WorldShare. We provided web links to each of the three charities on the invitation and put out baskets on the day.”

In Memory

If you lose a loved one, you may decide that you want to raise funds in memory of them or you may want to ask for donations instead of flowers at their funeral. Should you need any information or advice then please contact us and one of the team will get back to you.

Our Supporters

Maisie & Esther

In 2019, we received a generous donation of £1,313 to the work of HEAL Africa which was raised by Esther Watson in memory of her cousin Maisie Clark. Esther said,

Maisie Clark

“Maisie first found out about HEAL Africa after learning about the work of Dr Jo Lusi on Channel 4 News. Together we signed up to do the Bristol half marathon to raise money for the hospital in Goma and raised over £4,000. She was incredibly empathetic and wanted to support the young women at HEAL who had suffered so greatly as collateral damage in the ongoing conflict in Goma. Maisie passed away suddenly in 2019 aged 28. No comfort can be taken from the loss of life from someone so bright and so brilliant, but she was able to support HEAL Africa once more.”