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Immediate Need

Relief for Gaza Appeal

The current armed conflict has been taking place between Israel and Hamas-led Palestinian militant groups, chiefly in the Gaza Strip, since October 2023. The Gaza Strip, which is about the size of the Isle of Wight, has more than 3,000 people packed into every square mile. Among the nearly two million Muslims in Gaza there are less than 1,000 Christians.

WorldShare’s new ministry partnership with Christian Mission to Gaza has been entered into without bias and does not indicate our support for either side involved in the current conflict. Our heart and aim is to serve those affected in Jesus' name.

Christian Mission to Gaza (CMG), established in 1999, serves as one of the few Christian organisations working in Gaza, a region which faces extreme population density and poverty.

Pastor Hanna Massad, founder and director of Christian Mission to Gaza, leads the ministry. He was the first local pastor of Gaza Baptist Church but had to flee the country following threats from extremists. He continues to minister to and support the church, providing messages via live stream, recorded sermons and regular visits. CMG’s holistic ministry serves to encourage, support and equip persecuted Christians and other families in Gaza by distributing food and essential items, supporting education and providing families affected by the conflict with spiritual and psychological help. It also helps to raise awareness of the needs of persecuted Christians in the Middle East.

45% of the population are children under 14

Only 3%of the population live past 65

Less than 10% of the water is fit to drink

80% of the population depend on aid for food

How you can make a difference to our Christian brothers and sisters in Gaza.

Distribution of food and essential items

Feeding today’s hungry families is one of Christian Mission to Gaza’s most critical tasks and you can make a difference by donating today. Longer term they are committed to helping families and communities rebuild their lives once the current conflict ends.
CMG supports Lighthouse School, the only evangelical school in the Gaza Strip, catering for 240 students. Half of the school faculty members, who attend daily devotions, are Muslim and have constant opportunities to witness God’s love. Currently all schools in Gaza are closed because of the conflict. CMG works closely with Gaza Baptist Church, the only evangelical church in the Gaza Strip. Gaza Baptist Church (which was damaged in the current conflict and is also closed) provides the only public library in Gaza, accessible to both Christians & Muslims.

Please will you prayerfully consider how you can help today?


Please pray for those needing help in Gaza today.


Please share this with your friends, family and church.

You will be able to hear first-hand from the ministry leader of CMG, Pastor Hanna Massad, at our online prayer event on Wednesday 10th July at 7.30pm.

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