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Immediate Needs

Our Latest Appeals

Relief for Gaza Appeal

June 2024

The current armed conflict has been taking place between Israel and Hamas-led Palestinian militant groups, chiefly in the Gaza Strip, since October 2023. The Gaza Strip, which is about the size of the Isle of Wight, has more than 3,000 people packed into every square mile. Among the nearly two million Muslims in Gaza there are less than 1,000 Christians.

ICT Suite Appeal

June 2024

High Priest Academy, run by Living Word of Faith Evangelistic Ministries, is in the Dome region of Accra in Ghana where many people live below the poverty line. The region is plagued by high rates of crime, school drop-out, teenage pregnancy, abortion and substance abuse.

The school now has 130 pupils ranging from 2 -15 years of age, from within Dome and other surrounding communities, and has developed a strong reputation in the area of Ministry and Education focused on quality teaching and learning.