Guatemala girls

A New Challenge

26 February 2020

Then Jesus said to his disciples, "Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever…

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Guatemala 6

A New Identity

12 February 2020

Have you ever wanted to change who you are or what you have said? Have you ever wanted to turn the clock back and start over? A Church Minister told me recently she was attending a health and safety…

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JKPS for Blog

A New Beginning

29 January 2020

As I write this blog, I am amazed that January is already coming to an end; the first month of a brand-new decade is nearly over! It is the beginning of 2020 that has prompted our next series of blog…

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The Greatest Gift Ever Given

12 December 2019

Have you ever been given a gift for Christmas that left you thinking ‘What is this for?!’? I know I have. Perhaps it was a strange looking kitchen utensil that must be used for something……

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Giving and Living Generously

21 November 2019

Sitting in the living room of a foreign ambassador’s house in Guatemala City, I found my mind drifting away to another time, not too long ago, when I had been sitting in another stranger’s…

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Have Our Children Ever Needed Us So Much?

7 November 2019

During the span of around 28 years of my work at WorldShare, the sponsor a child programme ChildAid has always been close to my heart. Although my children are grown adults now, as a mother myself I…

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Excellence in Communication & Fundraising - 5 Tips

22 October 2019

Communication is a topic about which many books, journals and blogs are being written almost every day. Excellence in communication benefits all aspects of life – ranging from our professional…

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How can I help?

Gut-Wrenched Compassion for the Long-Term

9 October 2019

Today, I would like to share with you some of my thoughts on compassion, sharing and on what has brought me to work here at WorldShare as the Finance Manager for over 6 years now. For me, I cannot…

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What Does it Mean For Our CEO to Share With the World?

26 September 2019

In our previous blog we examined what it means for us as a Christian organisation to share with the world. I’d like to give you a personal view of what this means for me, how it has shaped the way…

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