David and Pastor Rehmat - ChrisFon

Introducing… David

2 August 2022

David, ministry leader of ChrisFon in Pakistan, shares his wonderful story with us. Born to illiterate but God-fearing parents, David has seen the Lord’s hand at work throughout his life.

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JKPS Dance

Creative Counselling - Music and Dance

7 February 2022

Isn’t it amazing how music can drastically change your mood? Ever been stuck in a traffic jam, so you turn on the radio to hear one of your favourite songs being played and instantly feel the…

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BOL art therapy session

Creative Counselling - Arts and Crafts

10 January 2022

This blog post is the first of three in our brand new series called ‘Creative Counselling’. We will be looking into the effective ways our ministry partners around the world are helping people to…

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School with a Difference - School for Families

4 October 2021

Can you imagine a school where there is a class for mums and dads to learn alongside their children? For them to understand what their child is learning, but also to learn how they can best support…

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ChrisFon Education

Transformation through literacy

17 September 2021

My day begins with a few encouraging verses of Scripture, followed by a flick through on my phone of the latest news and a text to a friend to confirm plans for the weekend. It is then time to take a…

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