Next in our blog series, we share the story of David, who has a heart for sharing the love of God through community development. It is inspirational to see the care he has for those in need.

Introducing… David, Executive Director of our ministry partner ChrisFon.

How did you become a Christian?

I was born into a Christian family. My parents were both illiterate but they were God fearing and God loving. They had six children; three boys and three girls. I am the oldest.

In 1960, my father found a job as a chef with a British missionary, Mr Stott, who was working as Principal of the Cathedral School in Lahore, Pakistan. Only the children of rich people were studying there. My father pleaded to Mr Stott that his son (me) could have a place at the school. All six of us were admitted in time!

We received a good Christian education at the school and were members of Lahore Cathedral, where we attended a very good Sunday school. Later, we had brilliant youth fellowship in the church and I served as its secretary. Finally, I became a preacher in the Cathedral and assisted in the Sunday services.

What led you to found ChrisFon?

ChrisFon is my brain child. In my life I used to think that almost all the things should be done from the church’s platform. But hardly any clergy, whom I saw, met my expectations. If God cares about all aspects of a person’s life, then the church should demonstrate that. This was sadly not happening where I was - there is lot of suffering in the world and I saw virtually no response and activity.

In 1995, a thought came to my mind (I think I can say it was from God). When I pondered hard on this, I felt that there should be an organisation which was a holistic approach group.

So ChrisFon is a holistic approach movement. Its tag line is 'sharing the love of God through community development'. By this we mean seeing what the needs of the people are and how can we respond to them.

My role now is ChrisFon’s Executive Director. We are currently a team of 54 people, some of which I have direct contact with and some of which are under the care of our evangelists. I am directing, guiding and monitoring all the activities we do. This is quite a big task.

David with brick kiln worker - ChrisFon

What are some of the challenges of your role now?

There are too many things to be done! Including:

  • Combatting illiteracy in the communities we serve - this is of the highest priority. And a large number of the people we are serving are very poor. We keep thinking what more we can do for them.
  • Supporting an uncounted number of people who are bonded labourers, working on the brick kilns and in the agriculture fields.
ChrisFon Education
  • Sharing the Gospel with Hindus - if we were able to set up schools and hostels in places where there are Hindus we could win large numbers of children and their respective families to Christ.
  • Reaching nominal Christians. We are praying God may continue to bless us to serve them.

To do the above things I need dedicated people who commit themselves as true servants of God.

What are the biggest highlights of your role?

  1. Giving vision and direction to the entire team. I talk weekly to my colleagues on the phone to encourage them to keep going and we share our news together. I pray for each one of them day and night with my wife.
  2. There are evangelists on my team who are from Islamic and Hindu backgrounds so I have to make them feel that they are being cared for. The number of people God has given me as evangelists from other faiths is far more than any institutional church would have. In fact, numerous churches don’t have any.

How can we be praying for you?

David with man with goat - ChrisFon
  • That God may continue to give me wisdom and understanding so that I may lead the team that God has given me.
  • There is big need for Bibles in the Pashto and Persian language as our team is ministering to the Pakhtoons, both from Pakistan and Afghanistan, Persian speaking people from Afghanistan and those living in the province of Balochistan. Pray that God may provide.
  • That God would make provision for schools and hostels so that Hindus particularly can be brought into Christ’s kingdom.
  • God has given us over one thousand refugee families from Afghanistan who have received initial help from us. Please pray that we may be able to minister with the Word of God, so that they may be able to come into the fellowship of believers.

We are so grateful to David for sharing his wonderful story with us. Please hold him and the ministry in your prayers. For more information on ChrisFon and to donate to support its amazing work, please click here.