As you wake up each day and go through your daily routine, there are people all around the world doing the same thing. But, what might your routine look like if you were a child going to school in the biggest city in Central America, or you were a Congolese doctor preparing to treat patients? Over the next few weeks you will have the chance to find out as we peek into the lives of some of the people who make up our ministry partners.

Today we are transporting you to Guatemala City. You will be stepping into the shoes of 10 year old Emilio, who regularly attends one of the Potter’s House Community Centres - safe spaces which help children, who live in the shadow of a huge landfill site and face poverty, to thrive and reach their God given potential.

My name is Emilio. I live in the 28th street in Guatemala City, I actually live one block away from the Potter’s House Community Centre. One of my favourite hobbies is to play soccer with my friends. My family is made up of my Mum and me.
Emilio 3 - Potter's House Blog

Home Life

In the mornings, I usually wake up around 3am because my Mum works as a secretary and has to leave very early in the mornings. I also do this so I get the chance to chat with her while she gets ready for work - sometimes this is our only chance to talk during the day. My Mum then takes me to my nearby aunt’s house so she can take care of me.

For breakfast, I usually eat eggs and black beans, for lunch I eat things like rice with cheese or what Potter’s House gives me, usually chicken or meat, rice or potatoes and some vegetables and fruit for dessert. For dinner I usually have a sandwich with ham.

One of the activities I enjoy doing is to draw and colour because it’s fun. This school year for me has been a little different from last year. Before the pandemic I walked to my school, which is 12 blocks away and takes me around 10 to 15 minutes. Along the way I usually see people selling paper, plastic and metal waste they have recycled and hear the ‘clapping’ sound of tortillas being made by hand, and sometimes music on the streets. The traffic jams can be very noisy too, with cars honking and rubbish collector lorries going by.

School Life

I study in a public school called Pedro Betancourt, this is a school just for boys. I’m currently in 4th grade. Because of the pandemic I couldn’t physically go to school last year, but my teachers sent me guides so we could continue our education. The teacher used to leave a lot of homework but now, because we are studying from home, they only give us one, which is great!

Now for this year, I will start attending school some days and the other days studying from home. I really miss going to school because I miss my friends and playing with them. What I loved the most going to school was to do homework and to talk with my friends.

I usually attend the Potter’s House Community Centre every day after school, but, because of the pandemic, I now only go once a week for my tutoring and every day to pick up my lunch. What I love about coming to Potter’s House is that I get to participate in workshops, activities and I also enjoy the food.

Something that I have learned while being here at Potter’s House is how important it is for me to do my homework, I have learned how to read and the importance of making new friends.

A Changed Life

Before joining Potter’s House in 2019 Emilio had very little academic or psychologial support due to his mother having to work long unsociable hours to provide for them. Through the ongoing support from Potter’s House, today you will find Emilio thriving with his school grades and behaviour both improving, along with his health as he is provided with daily nutritious meals.

Potter’s House is making a difference in the lives of many more children, just like Emilio, and their families. Click here to find out more and discover more stories from the heart of Guatemala.