Today, join us as we whizz over to Zimbabwe to share a day with Tapfumaneyi as he visits the church plant he leads and shares his heart for serving his community. After years of study with Hope for Africa Mission (HfAM), Tapfumaneyi continues to be mentored as he puts his studies into action by helping communities to develop and sharing the transformative word of God.

My name is Tapfumaneyi Jack and I live in Seke, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. I am married to Vimbai and we are blessed with one girl and three boys.

In my years in ministry, l take joy in seeing people come to Christ. Growing from infancy in faith to become witnesses of the Gospel. In his last words the Lord Jesus instructed us to go and make disciples of all nations, baptise and teach them to obey his commandments (Matthew 28:18-20). The beauty of this is that we are not doing it all by ourselves but he promised us that he will be with us to the very end. This is what keeps me going.

My typical day starts with morning devotions at 5am, I am then joined by my family at 5:30 for Scripture reading and prayer. The rest of the day is filled with different activities that range from ministry work, house visits, hospital visits (before the Covid-19 pandemic), cell group meetings, taking care of backyard chicken projects, evening Bible studies and family commitments.

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Family time is valuable to me and it is a great joy sitting around as a family or taking a walk together, it brings refreshing fellowship.

In the morning for my breakfast l normally have tea with homemade bread, when in season l sometimes have sweet-potatoes in place of bread. Lunch is often very light, a cup of tea and slice of bread, sometimes a cup of tea with corn if it is in season. And lastly dinner is our staple, which is pap, served with different relishes.

The church plant l am currently attending to is in a place called Zengeza 4, a sub-section of Chitungwiza town, situated south of the capital city, Harare. I planted the church in 2019 and it is about 3km walk from my home.

Walks of faith

My travelling mode is on foot and sometimes by public transport. For journeys of 5km or less l normally take a walk. The walking journeys give me an opportunity to meet lots of people. The walking helps me to keep in touch with daily realities of communities around me.

The small paths and roadways pass through market places and roadside markets, each time l walk through, an opportunity for sharing the gospel message arises.

Some of the subjects I am currently studying are; Building my Knowledge of God, Building my Community, Building a growing Church, Christian counselling, Christian Ethics, Conflict and Reconciliation, Church Administration and The Historical Perspective on Missions. I spend most of my time preparing for what l would want to study and do. For both church plants and study groups, I always want to seek what would be God’s intention for his church and the message he would want his Church to know. This prompts me into much prayer and study on the subjects that I want to share in the study groups or church services.

I have experienced a lot of growth over the years through studying with HfAM. I have gained new insights on how to preach the gospel message in the presence of current circumstances in communities around me and how to approach different communities who have different cultures and beliefs.

Looking to the future

My heart’s desire is to continue studying and impart what l am learning to others. I pray that through my studies and the church plant, I will contribute to developing Christians who are strong in faith and will not be shaken in all situations and building peaceful, friendly communities. I am envisioning planting more churches in Zimbabwe, helping them grow and stand strong. Incorporating one of the key beliefs of HfAM ‘Social Transformation’, I am praying for sustainable development goals on livelihood projects with communities.

Within HfAM, we have a well-structured plan for ongoing mentorship through virtual support on a daily basis where Bishop Hendrick sends different topics on spiritual and social growth subjects. This narrative of change in my life is what l am praying to see happen in the communities around me.

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