David and Pastor Rehmat - ChrisFon

Introducing… David

2 August 2022

David, ministry leader of ChrisFon in Pakistan, shares his wonderful story with us. Born to illiterate but God-fearing parents, David has seen the Lord’s hand at work throughout his life.

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PiFo Haiti, group of teachers

Introducing… Maccia

5 July 2022

We are honoured to share with you an interview with Maccia, the Director of a school supported by our ministry partner PiFò Haiti.

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Héctor, ministry leader of Potter's House

Introducing… Héctor

7 June 2022

From volunteering for Potter’s House at just 12 years old to becoming Executive Director, Héctor shares his story with us.

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Photo of Patriot, Medical Ambassador's Foundation

Introducing… Patriot

9 May 2022

Be amazed at how Patriot stepped out in faith against his atheist upbringing to become ministry leader of Medical Ambassadors Foundation in Albania.

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FELLOWSHIP header for Easter blog post

Easter Treasures - FELLOWSHIP

19 April 2022

To end our Easter series, we uncover the treasure of fellowship, both with God and with one another.

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GRACE header for Easter Treasures Blog Post

Easter Treasures - GRACE

13 April 2022

We continue our Easter series with ‘the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ’ and discover more about the generous heart of God.

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LOVE header for Easter Treasures Blog Post

Easter Treasures - LOVE

5 April 2022

As we celebrate Easter, we take time to reflect on the glorious riches of knowing God, one of which is experiencing his love.

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EMAF Access for Life Team

Creative Counselling - Sports

14 March 2022

For the final instalment of our Creative Counselling blog series, we will be looking at the many benefits of sports in helping people to process emotions, heal and grow.

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JKPS Dance

Creative Counselling - Music and Dance

7 February 2022

Isn’t it amazing how music can drastically change your mood? Ever been stuck in a traffic jam, so you turn on the radio to hear one of your favourite songs being played and instantly feel the…

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