The Greatest Gift Ever Given

12 December 2019

Have you ever been given a gift for Christmas that left you thinking ‘What is this for?!’? I know I have. Perhaps it was a strange looking kitchen utensil that must be used for something……

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Giving and Living Generously

21 November 2019

Sitting in the living room of a foreign ambassador’s house in Guatemala City, I found my mind drifting away to another time, not too long ago, when I had been sitting in another stranger’s…

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Have Our Children Ever Needed Us So Much?

7 November 2019

During the span of around 28 years of my work at WorldShare, the sponsor a child programme ChildAid has always been close to my heart. Although my children are grown adults now, as a mother myself I…

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Excellence in Communication & Fundraising - 5 Tips

22 October 2019

Communication is a topic about which many books, journals and blogs are being written almost every day. Excellence in communication benefits all aspects of life – ranging from our professional…

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How can I help?

Gut-Wrenched Compassion for the Long-Term

9 October 2019

Today, I would like to share with you some of my thoughts on compassion, sharing and on what has brought me to work here at WorldShare as the Finance Manager for over 6 years now. For me, I cannot…

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What Does it Mean For Our CEO to Share With the World?

26 September 2019

In our previous blog we examined what it means for us as a Christian organisation to share with the world. I’d like to give you a personal view of what this means for me, how it has shaped the way…

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Five Essential Elements of Long-term Giving

12 September 2019

Our last blog took a look at some of the aspects of WorldShare’s sharing that makes it a distinctly Christian kind of giving. Hopefully this will have given you something of a flavour of not only…

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Baked blur bread

What Does it Mean For Us to Share With the World?

21 August 2019

WorldShare might be a Christian organisation that you have never previously heard about; equally, you may have followed the work that we do for some time now. Either way, the question "what does it…

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Cyclone Idai

Long-term Partnerships through the Storm

11 June 2019

Here in the West, we are very accustomed to seeing profound humanitarian need displayed in tear-jerking high-definition across our 4K TVs and smartphones. Whether Red Nose Day, Comic Relief or the…

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