Advent blog 1

Wonderful Counsellor

1 December 2021

Join us over the coming weeks, in the lead up to Christmas, as members of the WorldShare team shine a light on Isaiah 9, unpacking different sides of Jesus' wonderful character and sharing their…

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PiFó Haiti class

Teaching teachers - the Haitian way

15 November 2021

Only 6 out of every 1,000 teachers have a diploma or certificate in their field in Haiti. Nearly 25% have not attended secondary school. As part of our ‘Education for All’ blog series, we have…

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FG Story 3

Overcoming educational setbacks

26 October 2021

All of us in some form or another have seen the huge impact Covid-19 has had on education. Whether that be parents taking on home-schooling responsibilities, teachers having to rapidly adapt to online…

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Education Blog 2

Building dignity and a future

13 October 2021

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” When the subject of vocational training, or the question of how to help poor communities is…

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School with a Difference - School for Families

4 October 2021

Can you imagine a school where there is a class for mums and dads to learn alongside their children? For them to understand what their child is learning, but also to learn how they can best support…

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ChrisFon Education

Transformation through literacy

17 September 2021

My day begins with a few encouraging verses of Scripture, followed by a flick through on my phone of the latest news and a text to a friend to confirm plans for the weekend. It is then time to take a…

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‘With Christ in the boat, all is well!’

3 September 2021

Armed with a message of hope to share and a ‘catraia’, a regional wooden boat, the Evangelical Mission for Assistance to Fishermen (EMAF) missionary team began their journey to the town of Afuá.…

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Battling monsoon rains in Nepal

18 August 2021

Today buckle up as, WorldShare CEO Alan Butler reflects on some treacherous (and very bumpy!) journeys across Nepal amidst the monsoon season. As we have been considering the kinds of journeys our…

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Albania scenery

Stepping out in faith across Albania

4 August 2021

It is that wonderful time of year again, time to squeeze all we can into a suitcase and set off on our summer holidays! Whatever your travel plans are, we invite you to step out with us over the…

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