Our child sponsorship programme aims to bring the hope of the Gospel, practical help and education to a vulnerable and needy child. 

Jeevan Photo

Jeevan’s Story

Meet Jeevan; he is 12 years old, loves to play cricket and dreams of one day becoming a policeman. A dream which once looked impossible, as he lives in one of the poorest areas of Bangalore, India. An area where families face a life of exploitation and danger, as they are forced to work in perilous rock-cutting quarries in order to earn an income. Praise God that this reality is changing for children like Jeeven, who is supported through one of WorldShare’s ChildAid ministry partners: Bangalore City Mission. He now has free access to quality education, safe travel to school, school supplies, daily meals, nutrition programmes and Christian teaching. 


What is ChildAid?

ChildAid works through a number of unique partners including Christian schools and orphanages, to help children learn to read, feed them nourishing meals, provide clothing, tuition, uniforms, school supplies, and above all else, offer a child the opportunity to hear about a new life in Jesus. Sponsorship is available to children on the basis of need, regardless of age, faith, gender or ability. ChildAid sponsors meet the physical and spiritual needs of children through our ministry partners, helping them achieve their God-given potential.

How does it work?

How much per month does it cost to sponsor a child?

The cost per child is £20 per month, payable through direct debit, cheque or credit card.

Where does the money go?

Sponsorship money is sent to the ministry and is used for the benefit of the children, to ensure the money is not misused.

How long is my commitment?

You are free to end your sponsorship at any time by letting us know, and in those cases the child is sponsored from the general fund until a new sponsor is found for them.

Can I send gifts my sponsored child?

Due to cost and postage difficulties, we are unable to send physical gifts to sponsored children. We have a gift fund which provides the children with a gift for their birthday and Christmas every year, which we invite you to donate to.

What contact can I have with my sponsored child?

We aim to provide at least two letters per year from your child, one of which will be a Christmas greeting. You can write to your child at anytime (not including personal details.)

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