Our ministry partner in the Democratic Republic of Congo runs a Christian medical ministry which provides holistic care for the people of this war-torn region. The ministry focuses on training health professionals, strengthening social activists and providing physical, spiritual and social healing.


The Democratic Republic of Congo is home to the deadliest conflict in the world and is exposed to extreme violence, mass population displacements, widespread rape, and a collapse of public health services. The political and economic collapse over the last few decades has led to limited or no access to health care for about 70% of the population. Today there is less than one physician for every 10,000 people and less than one surgeon for every million people.

HEAL Africa began as a small teaching hospital but has now grown into one of only three referral hospitals in all of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It provides health services to Congolese people who would otherwise have no access to basic healthcare.  More recently, the organisation has evolved beyond the hospital to encompass a more holistic approach. 80% of its current work is focused on rebuilding individuals and communities through development programmes rooted in Christian principles.

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Programmes include

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Providing doctors and medical staff to deliver general surgery and patient care. Provision of internal medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology care, paediatric care, family health care, trauma care, ophthalmology and dentistry care. The emergency room treats victims of gunshot wounds, road accidents and workplace injuries. Includes outreach services to care for communities in remote villages.

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Empowering Women

Working with women and their communities to offer the support and the tools needed to ensure their well-being.  Providing medical and emotional treatment to victims of rape including counselling, education, job training and small business loans. Working with their families to gain reacceptance for them.

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Cultivating Community

Working with displaced refugees returning to their home villages and supporting them as they reintegrate into their community. Running programmes for men, addressing violence against women and supporting children exposed to armed conflict through healthcare and educational programmes.


Promoting Education

Training medical professionals to serve the region with a good standard of care. Conducting medical research, particularly around the most common diseases treated in DR Congo. Connecting children with education opportunities and educating communities on treatment and prevention of HIV as well as basic health and hygiene.

HEAL Africa’s 2021 impact

  • 48,204

    People received medical care

  • 53

    New leaders trained

About DR Congo

The Congolese Civil wars, which began in 1996, have devastated the country. Resulting in over 1.2 million people becoming displaced, over 200,000 victims of rape and more than 6 million deaths, almost half of which are children under 5. The region has been suffering for many years with extreme poverty, malnourishment, and widespread disease.