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22 December 2022

The Birth of a Baby: Gift

Our ministry partner, Kanal Hayat, broadcasts the precious gift of the Gospel 24 hours a day into the lives of those who do not yet know Jesus as their King in Turkey and the Middle East. Their Christian TV channel, which from January will be entirely internet based, has the potential to reach millions with the hope that Jesus brings. Please pray for them as they need to update their cameras and broadcasting equipment as part of this exciting move.

An Advent devotional on Matthew 2:7-12

As our Advent season draws to a close, excitement and anticipation continues to build. Likewise, the level of frantic activity to ensure that everything is ready and in place.

For me, one of the most challenging parts of Christmas is making sure the gifts I buy for loved ones are the right ones. I recall as a child being so disappointed when I unwrapped a pair of socks. Now however, I relish such practical and useful gifts that far outlast the festive season. The greatest gift of course is that of new life itself, both physical and spiritual, and this is what Christmas is really all about.

Our passage today, Matthew 2:7-12, occurs some considerable time after the birth of Jesus. We don’t know exactly how long after, but if Herod’s order to kill all boys two years and under is anything to go by it certainly wasn’t immediately afterwards as our traditional nativity scene images indicate.

When the Magi, who were most probably Zoroastrian priests from Iran, met with King Herod they would have been filled with excitement at the thought of worshipping a new king. Herod himself however was far from happy. After all, this baby, whoever he was, would be a huge threat to his power and status.

I love the fact that these ‘wise men’, who had been travelling for many months, following a heavenly revelation in the form of a star, were determined to not only find but to worship and honour a King that was not their own. I wonder though if they were disappointed with what they found, as they presented their precious gifts to such a poor family. Perhaps however they had a supernatural revelation of the magnitude of the impact that this King of Kings would have on all of those who humbly open their hearts to Him.

Your Advent 2023 Prayer Challenge:

So, how will you worship the King this Christmas? Listen to final verse of the carol In the Bleak Mid-Winter and ask God to help you to give him all of your heart.
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