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Could you give the cost of a cup of coffee per month to help support emergency relief work overseas or to support a pastor dedicated to sharing the Gospel in Eastern Europe?


WorldShare supports its ministry partners around the world with emergency relief whenever natural disaster or war has struck in their region.

We are currently supporting partners in Turkey with both short and long-term aid following the earthquake.

Click here to read more or donate to Cup of Hope - Relief


Many pastors in Eastern Europe do not receive a regular income. Instead they live by faith, trusting in God to provide for their families.

With the cost of living ever spiralling, your support is more important than ever at this time.

Click here to read more or donate to Cup of Hope - Evangelism

A big thank you if you have already given the cost of a cup of coffee to support this work as a one-off donation at a Christian festival, exhibition or participating coffee shop. We humbly ask if you might be able to go one step further and commit to supporting Cup of Hope with a regular gift of £3 per month?

You can find out more about Cup of Hope - Relief or Cup of Hope - Evangelism by clicking the links above.