High Priest Academy, run by Living Word of Faith Evangelistic Ministries, is in the Dome region of Accra in Ghana where many people live below the poverty line. The region is plagued by high rates of crime, school drop-out, teenage pregnancy, abortion and substance abuse.

The school now has 130 pupils ranging from 2 -15 years of age, from within Dome and other surrounding communities, and has developed a strong reputation in the area of Ministry and Education focused on quality teaching and learning.

Since WorldShare began partnering with High Priest Academy in March 2023, funds have been raised to cover the deficit in salaries, to provide school meals, and to purchase & install window shutters, doors and ceiling fans for the classrooms.

WorldShare is now looking to raise £10,000 so that High Priest Academy can establish an ICT suite to provide computing facilities to support the teaching and learning activities of their students. These new facilities will also be used for the development of skills training to church members and others in the wider community.

These are the project objectives:

  • Enhance the learning experience for students at High Priest Academy by providing access to computing resources.
  • Facilitate teachers' research by offering a robust computing environment for various teaching methods/techniques for specific subject areas and topics.
  • Attract students who are seeking access to technology.
  • Provide a space for applying theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom through hands-on exercises and practical projects.
  • Reinforce academic concepts with real-world applications.
  • Serve as a training hub for church members and others in the community (e.g. computer skills training like programming, software development, record keeping, etc.) by providing hands-on experience.

Funding is needed for 11 laptops, a printer, projector & photocopier. Furniture, internet, cabling and two uninterrupted power sources are also required. Ideally, to support the in-country economy in Ghana, we would like to raise £10,000 so that High Priest Academy can make these purchases themselves. However, if you think you can help in any other way (i.e. by donating kit, sharing this need with your networks or giving your time) then please get in touch by calling: 01302 775209 or drop us an email at: info@worldshare.org.uk

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How the objectives will be achieved:

  • Curriculum integration - computing is a subject studied in all schools in Ghana, so setting up this ICT suite will help in ensuring the integration of ICT in the curriculum, ensuring relevance to coursework.
  • Training - a series of training programmes will be developed to educate church members and other members of the Dome community in utilising the ICT suite for educational and skills training purposes.
  • Continuous improvement - establish mechanisms for feedback and continuously improve the ICT suite’s educational support features.

These are the expected outcomes:

  • Students will learn and pass the Basic Education Certificate Examinations (BECE) organised by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) to a high standard.
  • Many others from the church and community will be able to learn skills that are useful for church and school administration as well as employment.

You can make a difference. Thank you!