WorldShare equips local Christian partners as they share God’s love in practical ways with some of the world’s most vulnerable people, bringing hope and transforming lives.

Our Priorities

We give priority to:

  • The poor, the vulnerable and the marginalised
  • Christ-centred partnership with locally-led ministries
  • The least resourced, least reached people of the world

Our Objectives

  • Work in partnership with local Christians
  • Work with the poor, vulnerable and marginalised
  • Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Bring about transformational change

Our Values

We are Christ-centred, holistic, relational and prayerful. We want all our activities to be of the highest quality. Accordingly, we are constantly open to learn.


We value all people as created in God’s image and loved by him. We value social and spiritual transformation because we believe that each person is a whole being.

Children are vulnerable and therefore require special consideration and safeguarding to prevent them from being harmed. We will recognise any form of harm, whether physical, emotional, sexual or spiritual. We believe, under God, that we have a responsibility as an organisation to care for children and vulnerable adults under our and our ministry partners' care and protect them from harm.


We value the spiritual wellbeing of our partners and seek to enrich their quality of life and build their capacity for God’s service.


We value the highest standards of integrity, openness and transparency before God.


We value our fellowship as servants together in the work of God. We value churches and other Christian organisations as positive agents of transformation in their communities and work exclusively through them.