Developing and empowering vulnerable people in Moldova with the aim of preventing sexual exploitation, abuse or trafficking. Building self-worth through spiritual and healthy moral education.


Moldova is the poorest country in Europe and life for many is full of difficulties. The average monthly salary in Moldova is only £185 and few opportunities exist within the country, leading to mass migration. Many children are left behind without parental care or proper education. Those still living with parents often experience domestic abuse and neglect.

Our partner ministry, Beginning of Life, provides education and support programmes to the most vulnerable people in Moldova including education and awareness raising sessions in schools, support and guidance for single mothers and rehabilitative care for victims of human trafficking, abuse or exploitation.

As a Christian organisation, Beginning of Life encourages participation in their Christian camps and clubs which has led to many people exploring their faith. Currently, 350 children and teenagers attend their weekly church services.

  • 170,000

    Children without
    parental care
  • 300,000

    Victims of
    human trafficking
Moldova children
Moldova boys
Moldova family
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Programmes Include…

Humanitarian Aid Centre

The centre distributes food, clothing and hygiene items

Recognising the desperate situations faced by vulnerable groups of Moldovan society, Beginning of Life opened a humanitarian aid centre with the aim of providing assistance to the most vulnerable and needy.

Urban Centre

Empowering youth for a better future

The Urban Centre seeks to influence and shape a new generation of young and passionate leaders, who will be capable of taking responsibility for making a real difference to the situation in Moldova.

Dream House

Prevention centre for at-risk girls aged 14-17

Protecting young girls from violence, exploitation and trafficking networks, as well as helping them to develop an assurance of self-worth.

Psychological Art Studio

Combining art and psychological care, taking advantage of the best discoveries in these areas

Providing art therapy to victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation as well as people who suffer from loneliness and depression. Arts festivals, exhibitions and fairs bring additional incentives to improve people’s self-esteem and hope for the future.

About Moldova

Population: 3.5 million

Emigration: 1.5 million people in the last decade have left Moldova

Economy: The poorest country in Europe

Average monthly salary: £185

From its independence in 1991, Moldova has faced political deceptions, economic crises, high unemployment and numerous social problems. Decades later many of these issues remain.

Human trafficking standard

Appeal: Guarding Against Human Trafficking

Young girls in Moldova are vulnerable to human trafficking. With Beginning of Life, we are working to prevent sexual exploitation.

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