Our ministry partner in India is ministering to the Dalits - the lowest in the Hindu caste system. Through a variety of programmes, Bible Faith Mission provides Dalits with opportunities to both hear the Good News about Christ and build a better future for themselves.


Bible Faith Mission mainly focuses on reaching the 300 million Dalits (known as the ‘Untouchables’) in India. The majority of India’s Christians come from this group, though not without great cost. Dalits who leave Hinduism for Christianity lose their place in the government quota for education and job opportunities. Thus, they are caught in a vicious cycle of poverty with few ways to improve their lot in life. Bible Faith Mission’s work therefore follows the biblical mandate of holistic transformation, which addresses the needs of the whole person, both physically and spiritually.

Programmes include…

BFM Pupils


Bible Faith Mission provides Dalit children with life-changing opportunities. They ensure that sponsored children attend the highly successful local schools and they also attend weekly Sunday school. In addition, children are helped with tuition fees, uniforms, books, transportation, and medical care. To find out about sponsoring a child supported by Bible Faith Mission, visit their ChildAid page.

BFM School Building

English Medium school

Most of the people that Bible Faith Mission reach out to are illiterate: more than 95% of them are ignorant of the value of education and they receive no motivation to strive for success. Therefore, in 2003, Bible Faith Mission opened an English Medium school. It provides quality education to those in society who are struggling and would not normally have access to education. They are now seeing adults who attended the school as children becoming doctors, engineers, scientists and other professionals. They have seen great signs of transformation in their community through the work of this school.

BFM Sermon

Church Planting

Bible Faith Mission’s church planters and pastors have planted more than 200 churches and 60 house churches in South India since they began. For Dalits who have been denied dignity for centuries, a church building of their own is more than just a place to worship - it is a visual, powerful symbol of God’s love for them. Once a year, Bible Faith Mission brings the entire church body together for fellowship, renewal, Bible teaching, youth camp, women’s seminar and church leader training. They have seen as many as 3,000 people attend their annual gathering and training events.

BFM Church


Bible Faith Mission believes that the preaching of the Gospel should lead the people to a holistic transformation since God cares for the development of the whole person. Their micro-enterprise projects offer small loans to deserving Christians so they can start a small business and help provide for their families.

About India

India is a country diverse in language, caste, religion, and culture with a staggering 4,635 distinct people groups. Hinduism claims about 80 percent of the Indian population, with Islam at 13 percent and Christianity at just 2 percent. Though India is a secular and democratic country, the call for a return to Hinduism is growing in strength. Several states have enacted strong anti-conversion laws which hamper evangelism and ministry efforts.