Our partners in Haiti run three Christian schools providing education and vocational skills for children as well as training and development for teachers.


In the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, our ministry partner, Haiti Christian Schools are meeting the significant need for education in the area. In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, three Christian schools on the island of La Gonâve banded together and formed Haiti Christian Schools to ensure a bright future for children in the area.

Providing education on the island of La Gonâve is increasing the children’s literacy, maths and problem-solving skills and helping to build a future of healthy and productive residents. Haiti Christian Schools provide quality education, spiritual development and vocational training for children as well as training for teachers.

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Programmes Include…

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Christian Schools

The ministry is made up of three Christian schools totalling over 400 students. These are the only schools in the capital of La Gonâve that provide Christian content in their education program. One of the schools is based in the centre of the capital city, the other two schools are based in church buildings in more rural areas. Their school ethos is to educate the children in a Christian environment so that they grow with the knowledge that they are loved and valued by God.

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Teacher Training

To tackle the shortage of qualified teachers in La Gonâve, Haiti Christian Schools developed an annual 5-day teacher training programme. The programme includes workshops and training on curriculum development, student engagement and classroom preparation. The training is open to all teachers on the island from any local school, in order to have a greater impact on the overall education outcomes in the area. The programme has resulted in a noticeable improvement in the teaching quality as well as strengthening the teachers in their faith and character.

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Vocational Skills Training

With high rates of unemployment on the island, graduating students require employable skills to earn an income. In addition to the elementary education provided by Haiti Christian Schools, a vocational training programme has been developed which allows students to gain practical skills alongside their academic studies. This hands-on training bridges the gap between academic training in the classroom and the skills needed for the working world. Skills training includes ceramic tiling, tailoring, cooking and baking, paper/flower crafts and leather/canvas goods. The training also includes basic business and bookkeeping skills.

About Haiti

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. La Gonâve is a Haitian island located 25km off the mainland where approximately 130,000 people reside. Used as an island of exile for undesirables many years ago, La Gonâve is knows as “the island that Haiti forgot”. The capital of La Gonâve is Anse-à-Galets with a population of approximately 52,000. The uemployment rate on the island is 80% with a mere 40% literacy rate. Only 20% of the population have access to public education.