Sharing the Gospel and training leaders throughout Lebanon, reaching people from across the Middle East and North Africa. Supporting the influx of refugees from Syria and surrounding areas.


Our partners, the Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon (FEAL) are a church planting and evangelism ministry which is impacting communities in the Middle East and North Africa through its varied outreach programmes. FEAL has missionaries in Lebanon that serve local Muslim communities as well as Syrian and Iraqi refugees. 

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Lebanon Girls Home
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Programmes Include…

Beit El Safa Home for Girls

Serving abandoned or orphaned girls among the Druze population. Many have faced physical and verbal abuse and sexual exploitation. The programme provides girls with the opportunity to go to school, start a new life and learn about Christ’s love for them.

Children’s Summer Camps

Reaching children in the surrounding communities as well as providing training for churches and leaders.

Training Leaders

Training new church leaders and missionaries at Bible Schools in Lebanon and Jordan.

Relief for Refugees

Providing compassionate relief efforts to displaced people and refugees throughout the Middle East and North Africa region. FEAL run two Oasis Centres which provide a safe place for refugees as well as education, food and a church programme.

About Lebanon

The small nation of Lebanon sits at the crossroads for the Middle East. With its strategic location and religious freedom, the country enjoys great influence across the Arab world. Lebanon’s history of conflict and violence makes residents open to a message of peace and love.