Broadcasting Christian TV into Central and West Asia, to reach out to those seeking truth and hope. Connecting viewers with local churches and Christian networks. 


Our partners, Kanal Hayat are an evangelistic Christian satellite TV channel broadcasting into Central and West Asia. Kanal Hayat (translated as Life Channel) is broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week into areas such as Turkey, where 97% of the population is Muslim. Their follow-up scheme ensures viewer responses are answered with either a home visit, to provide more information or prayer support, or connects them with local Christians and churches.

Programming includes films, series, documentaries, music programmes and life stories of people who have faith in Jesus. Topics include practical Christian living, features for women, children’s programmes and bible teaching.

Despite the strong opposing cultures in the country and the increasing risks from extremist groups, Kanal Hayat’s messages continue to open new hearts to Jesus. The number of people responding to the broadcasts is ever increasing and there are more and more opportunities for Kanal Hayat to meet with those responding and to connect them to other Christians and local churches.

Turkey Kanal Hayat studio
Turkey Kanal Hayat studio

Follow Up Team Visiting New Viewers…

Turkey meeting with viewers 2
Turkey meeting with viewers
Turkey meeting with viewers 3
I came across your channel by chance. It was like I could feel my heart transforming as I listened and watched. New thoughts flooded my mind.
Kanal Hayat has opened new horizons in my thinking. I want to understand the truth. I want to meet you and attend Christian worship.
We are a couple, when we contacted you, you connected us with a local believing couple and now we are 10-11 people meeting in a home.