Serving the slum communities of Kolkata through sustainable community development in an aim to help them break the cycle of poverty. Enabling communities to independently provide themselves with the basic necessities.


Our partners, Jatiyo Kristyo Prochar Samity (JKPS) are working across the city of Kolkata and the whole of the West Bengal region to serve the neediest communities.

Hidden behind the thriving industrialised region of Kolkata are rural communities like Bibirhat, living in extreme poverty. The people of Bibirhat live in mud huts, vulnerable to monsoon rains and severe flooding, and many live without sanitation, healthcare or education. JKPS are the only NGO operating in this region and their work is vital.

Bibirhat is just one of the many communities JKPS are working with, the minstry is currently reaching 8,000 people across the West Bengal area.

JKPS family 2
JKPS children

Education Centres

JKPS run an education centre in Bibirhat which provides education support to 50 students per year. Education projects are also run across 17 centres in Kolkata. Tuition for the education centre is funded through monthly sponsorship from generous WorldShare supporters. Just £8 per month provides a place for a child.

JKPS education centre

Micro-finance Loans

Small loans provide women in Bibirhat the opportunity to start or develop a business in order to provide for themselves and their families. The scheme is making a huge impact on family life in these communities.

JKPS microfinance

Mahima Care Homes

Aftercare centres in Kolkata serve victims of human trafficking. The homes provide rescue and restoration for girls who were trafficked as minors into the sex trade. At Mahima, the victims can receive physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Mahima provide food, medical care, counselling, education and vocational training.

JKPS Mahima

Medical Camps

Local and international medical teams are brought to villages like Bibirhat to provide health and dental care to the communities. The most prominent concerns are usually malnutrition, fevers and parasites.

JKPS medical van

About Bibirhat

The people of slum villages like Bibirhat, on the outskirts of Kolkata, are living in extreme poverty. They live in mud huts without sanitation, healthcare or education. The long-standing lack of education has left many adults without employable skills and unable to earn. Those that do manage to find work are earning on average, less than 21 Rupees per day (25p).

JKPS children

ChildAid in India

Transform the life of a child in Bibirhat, India by becoming a child sponsor. £20 per month will give a needy child in Bibirhat the opportunity to get an education.

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