Our ministry partner, Cahaya Suku, is one of the largest Indonesian church-planting initiatives aimed at ministry to unreached Muslims. With a vision to see all of Indonesia reached with the Gospel, Cahaya Suku forms independent regional ministries that are proclaiming the Good News and planting growing house churches.

Cahaya Suku’s church planters are sent out in teams, usually 3-4 single people and/or married couples that focus on a specific locality. The church planters are equipped with a profession that they learned during the training stage. The teams immerse themselves in the communities and set up a profession that allows them to meet many new people each week. The teams build relationships with Muslims in the area, share the Gospel with them and direct those who are interested to Bible studies. It takes about five years for an Indonesian Muslim to come to faith. Sharing with them requires much patience and many follow-up visits!

The teams in the field are using the discovery Bible study method as their approach. This method encourages Bible study before the contacts become believers so that they have a strong foundation and a desire to tell others about Christ. By doing so, the contacts understand the importance of salvation and are driven to share the Good News with their families, friends, and neighbours. From this method and through God’s amazing work, house churches are formed and many people are baptised.

Cahaya Suku meeting
Cahaya Suku scenery
Cahaya Suku children
Cahaya Suku follow up

About Indonesia

Indonesia is the world’s fourth largest country with more than 254 million people. It is also one of the most diverse with more than 750 distinct people groups. Sadly, 130 of these groups are very unreached with few, if any, Christians. Though 80 percent of Indonesians identify themselves as Muslim, many live in superstition and fear that is rooted in ancient animistic beliefs. One of the major challenges in reaching Indonesia’s Muslims is not theological, but sociological. Many seekers fear they will have to abandon their treasured cultural traditions and family bonds in order to follow Christ. Geography is also an obstacle as Indonesia spans 17,500 islands (6,000 of which are inhabited).