Our ministry partner in Nepal works in remote and mountainous villages where it seeks to reach people with the Gospel, fight poverty and care for the vulnerable.


Good Friends of Nepal serves the diverse unreached people groups across Nepal by meeting their spiritual, physical, and social needs. As it has nurtured communities of believers, its network has grown from 45 to over 200 churches since 1995. Their work includes training pastors to be aware of at-risk children and youth vulnerable to human trafficking, and care for abandoned children at their Children’s Home. Good Friends of Nepal also supports widows who are often at the cusp of survival. They fight poverty by establishing income-generating projects that uplift families economically. It is a beacon of hope that is achieving lasting transformation for the people of Nepal.

Programmes include:

GFN church

Ministry Support

Local leaders are the hands and feet that deliver hope and change to communities in Nepal. Good Friends of Nepal uses a unique programme called “Master Harvester Training” that incorporates discipleship and community development skills to equip their staff to plant churches among the country’s unreached people groups. A survey of the nation’s 103 ethnic groups guides this initiative. They currently work in 30 districts of Nepal. In 2020, over 10,000 people heard the Gospel through their work.

GFN building

Community Development

Good Friends of Nepal seeks to establish stronger, safer, and more sustainable communities through development initiatives. These include community development training, income-generating projects (such as tailoring, candle-making, gift-making and biotechnology) and building projects. The programmes and projects are equipping leaders to serve their communities, establishing economic development opportunities to improve the livelihood of families in poverty, and bringing hope to communities in Nepal.

GFN widow

Care for Widows

Widows in Nepal are often left destitute after their husband’s death and can be blamed by society for the situation they find themselves in. Good Friends of Nepal supports 50 particularly vulnerable and elderly widows by meeting their needs and empowering them to lead fulfilled lives.

GFN children

New Vision Children’s Homes

To care for the most desperate cases of child abandonment, Good Friends of Nepal operates two hostels for vulnerable children and orphans. These hostels provide nutritious meals, loving care, and educational opportunities. In addition, the ministry supports over 50 needy children in the context of their rural villages.

About Nepal

Over 90% of the 380 people groups in Nepal are unreached. This landlocked, mountainous region is one of the world’s poorest nations and home to 31 million people. Logistically, Nepal is a challenging region for development work and outreach. The lack of infrastructure makes it extremely difficult to reach thousands of small communities etched into the sides of the Himalayan mountainscape. In recent years, Nepal has endured severe natural disaster including a devastating earthquake, major flooding and landslides. Political strife adds to the harsh conditions present within the country.