Planting churches and house groups throughout Lebanon and beyond, to act as a beacon of hope and healing in local communities. Supporting refugees from local war-torn regions to bring them both physical and spiritual hope in their darkness.


Our ministry partner, the Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon (FEAL), is a church planting and evangelism ministry which is impacting communities in the Middle East and North Africa through its varied outreach programmes. FEAL has missionaries in Lebanon and the wider area that serve local faith communities, as well as Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

Lebanon is a country that sits at the Crossroads of the Mediterranean and the Arab heartlands. It is a country that in the early days of the Church was one of the leading centres of Christianity. Since 2012, Lebanon has become host to more than 1.6million refugees from both Iraq and Syria, which for a country with a population of just 6.8million, has placed a huge burden on their economy and public services. 

Since 1994, we have been partnering with FEAL, reaching out through their network of churches to their local communities. Originally, mainly a church planting and evangelising organisation, their work over recent years has become more practical, particularly serving the needs of the refugee communities and those members of the population who are most vulnerable, using that practical demonstration of God’s love to share his message of hope.

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Programmes include…


A ministry of relief among Syrian refugees in Lebanon and beyond. Over the past 10 years, FEAL’s ministry and mission to the refugees of Syria and Iraq has developed. Now, there are over 10 Oasis centres/church plants across Lebanon and Syria.

The majority of refugees follow other faiths. FEAL are currently serving 250 families each month.

They serve by distributing bibles, providing food and supplies, and by suppling medication. Food snacks, school supplies and gifts are distributed to the refugee children. All this is done through the lense of Christ’s love for us, and many of these families and refugees have accepted him as their Lord and Saviour.

Local worker support

Overseeing, coaching, training, and supporting local missionaries across seven Arab countries, helping to bring the good news of the Gospel to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan and Algeria. Ensuring that local missionaries and church planters are faithful in their beliefs and lives, and are accountable in their teachings and outreach. Reaching thousands of people from other faiths and non-believers by enabling ministry throughout the Middle East.

Beit el Safa Camp Ministry

Formally the Beit el Safa girls' home, FEAL felt called in 2019 to make the change in this ministry to reach out to young Syrian refugees, both boys and girls, by running outreach camps. In the periods where no camps are being run, the facility is used for youth meetings and to train outreach workers, church members and leaders.

Biblical Theological Seminaries

Training and equipping leaders and missionaries through Bible training colleges in both Jordan and Lebanon.

About Lebanon

The small nation of Lebanon sits at the crossroads for the Middle East. With its strategic location and religious freedom, the country enjoys great influence across the Arab world. Lebanon’s history of conflict and violence makes residents open to a message of peace and love.