The situation in East Africa continues to worsen.

19 million people are facing starvation • Half a million children under five are at risk of dying from severe malnutrition • There is an urgent need for food, water and medical treatment.

Our partners, Africa Inland Church (AIC) are on the ground in South Sudan and neighbouring countries helping those most vulnerable.

The recent conflict has forced 1.9 million people in South Sudan to flee their homes in search of refugee camps. There are now 2,000 people entering camps each day across East Africa. Due to the growing need and the rapid increase in prices, aid organisations have had to cut most of the food distribution by 50% and in some areas 25%. The situation is dire.

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A basic food package to feed 1 person for 1 month costs £15. The package includes flour, beans and oil.

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£15 per month could save someone from starvation

The need is growing and this crisis will not be over quickly. Committing to a monthly donation allows AIC to continue providing food for the most vulnerable on an ongoing basis.

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Sharing The Gospel

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AIC are aiming to relieve hunger as much as possible among those suffering. But as well as direct relief, the leaders are travelling between South Sudan and the refugee camps, visiting, encouraging and praying with those in need. There is a great opportunity to share the Gospel with people they wouldn’t have reached before. Hundreds of thousands of people are together in one place, and they are desperate for a source of hope. Many churches have been planted in the camps and even the most unreached people groups are now being exposed to the Gospel.

Maybe God wants us to come closer to him, and people here are receptive to the Gospel. I think it’s a blessing in disguise; this is an opportune moment for the church. If we can deepen our commitment to serving the Lord, people will go back home one day and provide a Godly leadership. South Sudan will not be the same again." Bishop Arkangelo, AIC leader


Life for refugees is devastating, if they haven’t already lost loved ones in the conflict, they are losing them to hunger in the camps. Children arrive at the camps having lost their families and their exposure to the brutal violence has left them traumatised. Young girls are not able to go to school, leaving them vulnerable to early marriages within the camps. During an AIC visit to the Bidi Bidi refugee camp in Uganda, one young girl spoke up and said: “We left our home in South Sudan for fear of being killed, with the hope that in Uganda, we could stay alive, get an education and have a dignified life. But now our education has become early marriages.” She knelt down and with her hands raised up she said “my spiritual fathers, help us.”

Some of the most vulnerable are the elderly women. Most of them have lost their husbands and are on their own. Many of them are not fit enough to travel to the food distribution sites and some aren’t aware of where to find it.

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We weren’t expecting to receive anything from anybody. We don’t even know where food is distributed, but now you’ve looked for us. It’s a miracle. Grace, elderly woman in Juba, South Sudan

They believe that it’s down to survival of the fittest, and that they will just have to die. AIC are one of the organisations seeking out the most vulnerable and distributing food to them, where they are. The elderly women think it’s a miracle that they have been identified and helped, and they believe it is God answering their prayers.