Kanal Hayat is a 24/7 satellite TV station broadcasting the gospel and a wide range of programmes, including features for women and children, to Turkey and surrounding areas, helping to reach an estimated 125 million people in one of the most unreached regions in the world.

The channel was started in 2007 by the then sixty-year-old leader of a Christian TV-station in Denmark, running out of a church in Copenhagen.

At that point, the channel ran in partnership with Christian media missions organisations also in Sweden, Norway and Finland as an endeavour rooted in the conviction that, with God, nothing is impossible.

The largest challenge continues to be in raising Christian awareness in the nations. Just one month before the start of broadcasting, three Christians were brutally martyred in Malatya, Turkey, sparking a growing interest in the gospel and Christianity ever since.

Today, Turks are increasingly opening up for the gospel, particularly through social media, and Kanal Hayat now sees a God-given opportunity to reach even more Turks with Christ through a social media expansion. This expansion will be primarily achieved by employing a social media manager.

Kanal Hayat
Kanal Hayat

Light in the Darkness

Kanal Hayat translates to “Life Channel” and, since 2007, Kanal Hayat has shared the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Turkey and beyond.

Martin Tangstad has recently received the baton from previous CEO Tore Pansell and is now leading on into new areas of exciting growth that, at the heart, passionately seek to share the good news about Jesus Christ. WorldShare met up with Martin recently and heard, firsthand, about the exciting ways that the gospel is reaching hard-to-reach people throughout the Middle East.

Kanal Hayat

Question Time With Martin

What is Kanal Hayat’s “stage of the journey”?

Kanal Hayat is in the “Joseph in Egypt” stage of preparation. Our main objective continues to be sharing and sowing the gospel and we are expanding our social media operations to maximise impact. We are also highly focused on preparing the organisation to be scaled in expectation of a coming harvest. We are seeing waves of people coming to Christ, but we prepare for many more.

What do you mean by an “overwhelming potential” of opportunity?

People in the Middle East are increasingly open-minded and searching for the meaning of life that society can not offer. This is causing an increase in secularism and a massive openness and potential for sharing the gospel.

What makes you most excited?

Nothing compares to the excitement of witnessing people coming to accept Christ as Saviour and knowing that He is pleased with what we do for Him.

Why should the UK be involved?

There are many reasons. Turkey is the gateway between Europe and Middle East bordering Iran, Syria and Iraq. This is an area of unreached people unaware of Christ. First and foremost, I encourage the UK to be involved with Kanal Hayat and to be willing to help to fulfil our God-given obligation of sharing the gospel so that our brothers and sisters may experience the same life-transforming gift of eternal life with God. Employing a new social media manager will greatly help in realising this opportunity by giving us capacity we currently do not have

Access for all…

Kanal Hayat are sharing all their videos through social media platforms to enable viewers to conveniently and securely access them wherever and whenever they want. The primary point of this is to bring Christ to more people in the region - and it is working! Recently a soldier stationed at the border between Syria and Turkey – a region where war is active and danger imminent - watched the Kanal Hayat content via his smartphone in his barracks. Through the gospel messages received, he decided to become a Christian and boldly share his newfound faith with his friends. This soldier is stationed in the thick of the conflict and, finding Christ, he is now sharing Him with his friends.

He sent Kanal Hayat the following message through social media:

Thank you for posting Kanal Hayat on YouTube. Because of the programs with Pastor Hakan, I became a Christian. I use my mobile to share with my soldier colleagues on the front line in Syria. Please extend my thanks to Pastor Hakan.

One of the Kanal Hayat workers then corresponded with him, connected him to the Pastor who was then able to reach out to the soldier directly to bring further encouragement and help. This would not have been possible without social media… With a social media manager, Kanal Hayat will be able to reach more individuals, allowing access for all!

Kanal Hayat
Kanal Hayat