This winter, over 68.5 million people are displaced through violence or persecution (UNHCR figures) - Help our partners bring shelter and comfort to some of these needy people.

Over the past few years, WorldShare’s partners have been on the front line, supporting refugees who are dealing with war, violence and persecution, as well as those displaced through natural disasters. Long after the TV crews and cameras have left, the need endures, and our partners continue to help address both physical needs such as food, warmth and shelter; but also spiritual needs, through counselling, prayer, and sharing the good news of Christ’s love through the gospel.

Funds are desperately required in order to help provide shelter this winter and also to meet the day to day needs of these families and individuals.

Please help to support our ministry partners reaching out to those in desperate need.

Medair Rohingya
East Africa South Sudan 7

African Inland Church, South Sudan

East Africa South Sudan 4

Africa Inland Church (AIC) have been operating in South Sudan for over 60 years; church planting, sharing the good news of Jesus and ministering to those in desperate need.

The past 5 years have seen a continuation of a brutal civil war in South Sudan, displacing over 4 million people, 2 million of whom remain within the country. The need is so great that in December 2018 the UN launched a $2.7 billion appeal for “Africa’s largest refugee crisis”. AIC have been ministering to the refugees, helping those in need throughout the 5 years of terrible violence, despite desperate shortages of much-needed food and resources.

Please help them to continue providing desperate refugees with shelter and food and giving hope through sharing about Christ’s redeeming love. Please pray with us, that good can come from this front line situation, and that more people will come to know the Lord as Saviour.

Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon (FEAL)

Refugees 1

This winter, often in perishing conditions, over 1 million Syrians continue to live as refugees in Lebanon. FEAL continue to minister to these people through their Oasis centres and out-reach, providing shelter, warmth, food, financial assistance and support through prayer.

The Bible calls on us to care for the needy and FEAL in Lebanon have been answering this call since the crisis in Syria began nearly 8 years ago.

Since then, they have been at the forefront of the response, providing much-needed resources; education, transitional housing, and have also planted churches amongst the Syrian refugees. FEAL reach out to refugees through their “workers” who go into the refugee communities to help them physically and also to share the gospel message. They find people in need often through word of mouth, making them able to react quickly to meet need and desperation where it arises.

Please help them continue to reach out to those in need, both physically and spiritually

Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

Medair Rohingya

Since August 2017, over 650,000 Rohingya people have fled violence and persecution in Myanmar, settling in huge refugee camps in Bangladesh. WorldShare, working in partnership with Medair, has been helping to support the Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh.

The need is immense. With no employment prospects, and after leaving most of their possessions behind; the Rohingya refugees are often solely reliant on humanitarian aid. WorldShare, in partnership with Medair, have been working tirelessly to help ease some of the need, providing water, sanitation and emergency supplies, and more latterly nutritional support.

Whilst the TV crews and cameras may have moved on, the need continues. Please consider helping to provide support to Rohingya families still in need.

Refugees 2

Please pray for the people of South Sudan.

Lord Jesus Christ, you came to us as a defenceless babe and knew what it meant to be a refugee, far from home hungry and in need.

We ask for your favour on the work of the African Inland Church. May they be a beacon of your hope and love in that war-torn country.

Lord, walk alongside the poor needy and displaced in South Sudan. Let them know that you are with them through their struggles.

We pray for an end to the violence, and for peace to flourish.