Our ministry partner JKPS serve the deprived communities across West Bengal and this work covers the red-light district in Kolkata. Ashaloy is one of their projects in this area, which provides an oasis of hope for commercial sex workers and their children.

Children at the Ashaloy centre receive education and holistic care. It also provides coaching, develops self-esteem and encourages the women to leave their trade and embrace a new way of life.

The children who attend Ashaloy, benefit from moral lessons, music therapy, computer lessons and life development lessons which help them to build strength and developing coping strategies. Weekly health check-ups and HIV clinics are also offered for the women and their children.

In addition to this, group counselling is provided for the women weekly, as well as awareness programmes to educate and equip them for finding alternative employment and to raise awareness about their rights.

JKPS Ashaloy
JKPS Ashaloy
JKPS Ashaloy

JKPS have been running Ashaloy at their current building for the last two years, but they have recently been told they must vacate the facility. In order to continue running the Ashaloy centre, JKPS must raise £70,000 to purchase a new building in the area. So far, £32,000 has been raised, but they still need £38,000 and to raise this, they need your help.

Without your help, the Ashaloy programme will no longer be able to provide vital support to these vulnerable mothers and their children.

Please give today and bring the love of Jesus to those who are vulnerable.