On the 28th of September, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck the central part of the island of Sulawesi, launching waves of up to 20 feet high that slammed into Sulawesi. It took more than 2,000 lives, injured 10,600 people and displaced more than 80,000 people. More than 70,000 homes were destroyed or damaged. Livelihoods were also lost, and it will take years for the communities to recover.

Palu and its surrounding area is about 15% Christian, with the remainder of the people coming from the Kaili unreached Muslim people group. In the midst of this tragedy, there is an opportunity to serve the physical needs as well as to bring the Gospel of Christ. Our ministry partners surveyed the disaster area and are preparing to return to the area with relief goods. Their hope is that as they rehabilitate the communities, they will also see churches formed amongst the unreached peoples.

As a result of the disaster, the economy in the affected region is barely functioning. There is little food. The team is already working with churches to provide emergency food assistance. They will provide more food for the impacted areas—reaching out to both the Christian and Muslim communities


Opportunity for Involvement

Our ministry partners focus will also cover needs such as tents, water and trauma care.

We are estimating that this will include 4 tons of rice, 1,000 boxes of instant noodles, 1,000 boxes of water, 2 tons of cooking oil, 1,000 tents, 50 generators, 1,000 solar panel emergency lights and 50 water pumps and pipes.

After that, they will work with coastal communities impacted by the tsunami to replace fishing vessels so that fishermen can again provide for the needs of their families. The goal is to help 150 families with livelihood programmes.

Non-formal education will also be provided for children who are no longer able to attend school. We should reach around 200 children with weekly programmes until the local schools are able to be rebuilt.

Give today to help those in Palu who are in desperate need of support.