Deprived, vulnerable single mothers and their children are at risk of exploitation and abuse in many parts of Moldova. Beginning of Life provide vital holistic support for them and their children through their Early Learning Centre.

Beginning of Life, our partner ministry in Moldova, works with vulnerable mothers and their children with the aim of pulling them out of a continuous generational cycle of vulnerability and poverty.

For most of these women, their husbands or boyfriends abandoned them when they got pregnant, leaving them in great need of material support and training for effective parenthood. Beginning of Life’s Early Learning Centre (ELC) seeks to intervene to prevent child abandonment as well as to empower the single mother to develop their children for a better and safer future.

These women come from deprived, dysfunctional families with little opportunities, and as single mothers taking care of their young children, they are unable to work. Applying for state benefits in Moldova is very complicated and difficult, there are many documents to complete and getting accepted is near impossible. This leads most people to give up, leaving them with very little finances.


In Moldova, Kindergarten is very expensive and out of reach for these mothers, so at this point, their only option to support themselves and their children is to leave the children at home with older siblings or with neighbours, while they go to work.

With Mum out the house, the children are at risk of exploitation from neighbours, or they end up on the streets where they are taken advantage of by criminal gangs and where sexual abuse and violence is common.

Negativity surrounds both the mothers and their children which causes friction and emotional detachment within the family. The mothers are stressed, deprived, aggressive and negative and they project that onto their child – the way their mothers projected it onto them, and so the vicious cycle continues.

Bringing Hope to Vulnerable Mothers

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At Eearly Learning Centre, the Beginning of Life team provide support to cover the five basic human needs – physical, material, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual.

This support includes:

• Education support
• Support for material needs
• A healthy and safe environment for development
• Legal and juridical assistance
• Life skills and psychological support
• Socialisation retreats.

They work with the mothers to teach them how to control their emotions and treat their kids with love as well as helping them to learn the importance of child development. They are encouraged to see their value in God which is helping to break the vicious cycle and allows them to look forward to a better future for them and their children.


For Beginning of Life to continue running the Early Learning Centre, they need financial support.
Please give today and bring hope of a better future to a deprived mother and her children in Moldova.

This work to break the cycle of vulnerability among deprived families in Moldova is a long-term development. Could you make an ongoing commitment to the work of Beginning of Life and give monthly?

Galina’s Story

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When Galina fell pregnant with her second child, the truth about her husband came to light and she discovered he was a thief and a conman. She divorced him and was left alone, paying off his debts.

It was just Galina, her son with a learning disability and her daughter on the way. Very soon, they had no money and Galina worried greatly about a future full of problems and vulnerability for her family. She suffered with depression and almost gave up on life.

A year ago, Galina heard about Beginning of Life’s Early Learning Centre and began attending classes with her now 6 year old daughter. She also has consultations at the Psychological Art studio and takes classes in handcrafting. Almost every day she works for Beginning of Life’s Art House workshop which helps her to bring in an income.

Her life has changed radically, she now has a stable monthly income and has become a very good mother to her children.

I perfectly remember days when I was strongly depressed of all the bad things happening to me. So much that I used to cover my head with a blanket and stay in bed for many hours. But life changed for me when I came to Beginning of Life. So many people welcomed me with love and peace in their hearts. Employees from Early Learning Center taught me how to be a better mother and I am no longer angry or careless towards my children. I was helped materially, as I could not afford to buy food and clothing every month. I was trained to sew and make things with my hands, which meant I could work at the Art House which now brings me a monthly income enough to support my family. Yes, I am a different person now, full of life and desire to grow my children, develop my skills and come closer to God.


Please pray for the vulnerable mothers in deprived communities in Moldova and for their children.
Ask that God would open their hearts to Him so that they can be healed and changed by His love.
Pray the He would provide for their needs, that they would receive the support they need and that He would
bring peace to their family relationships.