Can you help our partner ministry JKPS to continue rescuing and caring for young boys trapped in India’s sex industry?

In Kolkata in India, prostitution is a major industry with several hundred brothels in the red-light district of Sonagachi and an estimated 12,000 sex workers. This is a truly exploitative industry where many women and their children are bound in slavery. These children have little protection or hope for a brighter future.

The sons of sex workers become trapped in the industry and forced to grow up in brothels with no hope of escape. This affects their health, their lives and their education. Many succumb to alcoholism, get involved in male prostitution, or end up becoming agents or brothel owners themselves. Their environment, exposure to commercial sex and other illegal activities can normalise certain behaviours, making it hard for them to adjust to society. Suicidal thoughts in these children are common.

Our partner ministry JKPS run the Premanand Boys Home in Kolkata, India. The home cares for young boys from brothel areas whose mothers are sex workers. JKPS provides a loving home for the boys as well as education, nutritious food, quality medical care and spiritual nurture.

JKPS Premanand
JKPS Premanand
JKPS Premanand

Currently, 20 boys aged between 8 and 14 are cared for by JKPS through the Premanand Home. They have all made significant progress in their education and character development during their time at Premanand, and they have grown in their knowledge of God.

The Indian government’s new licensing rules call for the Premanand Boys Home facility to meet the 7,500 square feet requirement which requires JKPS to build an extension. This provides an opportunity for additional living space to accommodate at least 50 boys. Without the license, JKPS may not be able to keep the boys in the home and continue to protect them from being returned back to their brothel areas. A return would possibly mean a walk back into slavery. We believe that these boys were created for more than this.

To expand the current facility in order to adhere to the new rules, JKPS need to raise £72,000. Can you help towards securing not only the current 20 boys, but also the future of 30 more?

JKPS Premanand


Chintu arrived at the Premanand Boys Home at 8 years old after spending his entire life on the brothel streets of Kolkata. At 3 years of age, Chintu was forced to beg and steal food and money in order to feed him, his mother, sister and brother.

His Mum, a sex worker, was diagnosed with AIDS and with no academic foundation and bleak prospects for the future, all appeared lost for Chintu. In 2015, Chintu was taken in by the Premanand Boys Home and since then his spiritual and academic progress has been very positive. He now attends a school in Bengali and is doing very well in Maths.