6,000 people are forced to flee their homes every day in DR Congo in search of refuge away from the escalating violence. Lack of access to food, clean water or medical care has left millions suffering from malnutrition.

  • 4.1 million

    people displaced
  • 8.6 million

    in need of humanitarian assistance
  • 7.7 million

    suffering from malnutrition
HEAL Africa
HEAL Africa

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been the subject of violence and conflict for over two decades since the start of the Congolese Civil wars in 1996.

The long-term, widespread violence has devastated the country causing millions of deaths, extreme poverty, malnourishment and widespread disease. In 2017, new armed conflicts and a rise in existing conflict in volatile areas, caused millions more to flee their homes in search of safety. There are now over four million people displaced in the country. Families are forced to flee and leave their homes and possessions behind when militia groups besiege their villages, murdering and raping civilians, looting houses and sometimes burning down homes. Schools, health centres and infrastructure have been destroyed.

The widespread displacement has caused severe malnutrition across the whole of DR Congo as most of the population have limited access to their crop fields or the lakes for fishing. Many have also lost their seeds and agricultural tools during the conflicts. Even those who are able to return to their villages, are returning to destroyed homes, stolen belongings and lost livelihoods. Whether still displaced, or in their destroyed villages, millions are relying on humanitarian aid to survive.
One million of those displaced are located in the North Kivu Province, where our ministry partner HEAL Africa are based.

HEAL Africa
HEAL Africa
HEAL Africa

HEAL Africa

In 2017, HEAL Africa treated 823 children for severe acute malnutrition.

HEAL Africa are a Christian medical ministry in Goma, North Kivu, who provide health services to those who would otherwise have no access to basic healthcare. Through their hospital, they also provide a holistic approach to rebuilding individuals and communities through development programmes rooted in Christian principles. At their hospital in Goma, HEAL Africa care for children with severe acute malnutrition and treat other medical complications where needed. The ministry gathers all these children together each Sunday to teach them about the Bible. They also provide similar care through their two satellite hospital sites for those who have been displaced from the Masisi, Rutshury and Nyiragongo territories.

HEAL Africa have identified a great need in the area of Beni, 300km north of Goma, where thousands of people have fled to from different areas around Goma, in search of safety. The number of malnourished children in this area is increasing. There is no food, no access to healthcare and many children have been left orphaned and on the streets. HEAL Africa aim to provide food and medical care for children in Beni suffering from malnutrition and severe acute malnutrition as well as providing support for their mothers. They will also support the children, particularly those who have lost their parents in the violence, by praying for them and gathering each Sunday in the local church. They will be distributing Income Generating Activity Kits for women which will help them to rebuild their lives. The kits will include sewing machines, food or non-food items which can help to carry on or set up a business.

This crisis is reaching a peak and in order for HEAL Africa to serve those most vulnerable, they need your help.

The crisis in DR Congo will be a long-term issue. Could you make an ongoing commitment to the work of HEAL Africa and give monthly?

Pray for those who have been affected by the violence in DR Congo and for those who have been forced to run away from their homes. Ask that God will provide for them, comfort them and heal them from their trauma.

Pray for HEAL Africa as they serve those affected and that God works through them to reach those most vulnerable to provide physical and spiritual healing.