In an area of extreme poverty, Potter’s House partner with some of the most deprived communities in Guatemala to empower them to transform their lives.

Now, as they expand into a new area, they need your help.

Our partner ministry, Potter’s House in Guatemala have been serving the rubbish dump communities of Guatemala City for over 30 years. The generous support and prayers of WorldShare supporters has played an important part in enabling the ministry to serve entire communities of people living in unimaginable conditions. These communities have been helped through Christ-centred community and family development programmes, healthcare, education and microenterprise schemes.

Since the ministry team first began serving the people of Guatemala City, they have reached around 20,000 people through their programmes and given them an opportunity to come to know Jesus. Potter’s House are now expanding their ministry to a new area of Guatemala, to serve and share the Gospel with many more people. God has led the team to Chiquimula, a more rural and extremely deprived area, 120 miles from Guatemala City.


Chiquimula has one of the highest rates of poverty in Guatemala. 60% of the population are living in poverty and 28% are living in extreme poverty. The area is part of Guatemala’s “dry corridor” which is an isolated area in drought for most of the year. The residents only know agriculture, and so in these conditions they are left with no livelihood. Most families are earning just £6 per week.

The poverty cycle in this area is real. Young people have no access to secondary school education and no opportunity to learn skills that will enable them to find employment. Therefore, the vicious cycle continues.

Potter's House Chiquimula
Potter's House

    Entrepreneurship and skills training


    Medical clinics and nutritious snacks


    Families and in-kind donations

In 2017, a team began to serve the communities of Chiquimula, providing ovens and water filters, renovating classrooms and running children’s bible schools. This year, Potter’s House staff Josue and Anabella will be relocating to the area with their son Carlos, to set up a new community centre. From this centre, their team will deliver programmes that provide education, health services and community and family development.

Since last year, Potter’s House have been observing, listening and learning from the community and local churches in Chiquimula to establish where the need is greatest, and the most effective way to serve these communities and empower them to become self-sufficient.

Local community leaders, teachers and pastors will be trained and mentored in order to impact entire communities. They will be equipped and empowered with the aim of promoting different attitudes that will bring positive changes in schools, churches and communities.

The new community centre will act as a hub of activity for hundreds of projects to be carried out over the next few years for the communities in Chiquimula.

Potter's House Chiquimula
Potter's House Chiquimula
Potters House Chiquimula children

Why We Need You

We want to see the communities of Chiquimula transformed by the love of Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Potter’s House programmes to transform their lives. To achieve this, many resources are needed such as tools for building renovations, education materials, medical supplies and staff. You can be a part of the story in Chiquimula and help to transform lives within this deprived community.


Donate to the work of Potter’s House today.

Bringing lasting change to the communities of Chiquimula will be a long-term development. Why not make a commitment to this vital work by giving monthly.


Pray for Josue and Anabella as they set up a new home in Chiquimula and lead the new community centre. Pray that God will move through this work and that many lives in Chiquimula can be renewed and transformed.

Potter's House Chiquimula Josue Anabella
Potter's House Chiquimula - Ingrid

Ingrid’s Story

Ingrid and her Mum Eva live in Chiquimula with the rest of their family. Ingrid is 17 years old but only in Year 3 at her local community school. She enjoys school but Ingrid is the oldest of her siblings and so has to stay home and take care of her younger brothers and sisters while her parents work. This has left her very behind at school.

I dream of becoming a baker so that I can help my family with some extra income. Through the devotionals that Potters House share, I have been able to learn to respect adults, my parents and my teachers. I thank God because I know that He has sent Potters House to help us as a family and help the school. We cannot pay them back for what they have done, but I know that God will bless them.