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We need your help to support the Rohingya refugees.

Over the last few months, over half a million people from the Rohingya population have been forced to flee their homes in Myanmar. Military violence has recently escalated, innocent civilians have been killed and entire villages have been burned to the ground. Families have fled in terror.

To cross the border into Bangladesh, some have travelled in makeshift boats and others have walked for days in the jungle, arriving injured, hungry and traumatised.

There is an urgent need of humanitarian assistance and the influx of Rohingya refugees into Bangladesh is likely to continue increasing daily.

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Due to the sheer scale of the crisis and the limitations the Bangladesh Government have placed on aid organisations, our Bangladesh partners are not yet in a position to provide relief aid. So, we are partnering with the Christian relief and development agency Medair, who are already on the ground in northern Bangladesh serving those most vulnerable at the Kutupalong refugee settlement.

Camps have been set up for the Rohingya refugees, but currently there are serious sanitation and hygiene issues. The ever-increasing volume of refugees is causing a desperate shortage of shelter and lack of access to clean water. The risk of disease and illness is becoming more dangerous.

Most families are only eating one meal a day and thousands of children are suffering with severe acute malnutrition. As well as issues with food shortage, displaced children, particularly girls, are vulnerable and at risk of exploitation.

Food is currently being provided by the World Food Programme, but we need your help to provide water, sanitation and medical care to those most vulnerable, as well as lifesaving treatment for those severely malnourished.

Give today to help a Rohingya refugee in desparate need.

Photo credit: Medair