Joseph alone South Sudan

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Joseph’s Journey

Joseph is 58 years old and used to live in Yei River State in South Sudan with his wife and their nine children. At the end of last year, when the conflict in the area worsened, Joseph and his family were trapped indoors for eight days with no food or water. Most of their neighbours were tortured and murdered but God protected them and they managed to flee.

It took the family six days to make it from Yei River State to Juba, the capital city of South Sudan. Most of their journey was by foot and they faced several ambushes on their journey, but God was with them. At the end of their trek, they managed to board a timber lorry travelling to Juba.

Joseph and wife South Sudan

On arrival, they managed to find an empty house they could rent. Joseph and his family were one of the very few that reached Juba; many lost their lives on the way, but this family made it.

I was able to receive some support from Africa Inland Church during the recent distribution. But it has been so difficult to cater for my family because I cannot earn.

Joseph wasn’t a Christian, but he’s seen the hands of God in his family.

Through all the hardship God helps me day by day, the most pressing need now is food and household essentials.

Africa Inland Church, our partner ministry in South Sudan, are distributing food to families like Joseph’s as well as sharing the Gospel and praying with the most vulnerable.
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