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Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Anya Rahbany*

“I wanted to come to Oasis because people told me that they are offering help. When I went in and I started hearing the word of God, I felt that I needed this more than I needed the help and the food packages. One of the ministry workers came to my house and they prayed for my husband who was very sick, and he was healed. I thank God because even though I lost everything I own in Syria, I gained knowing Jesus and eternal life.”


Yamen is a 17-year-old boy who comes to the Oasis centre. He was speaking with one of the ministry workers and asking lots of questions. He said “you know, these are the most logical answers I have ever got to my questions. I want to tell you something. I believe in God and Jesus, but please keep this between me and you and do not tell my parents, because if they know this, they won’t accept me.”


Riham, a Muslim woman attending the Oasis centre was telling the ministry workers about a dream she had. She was talking with tears running down her cheeks. She said

“I was so tired and I saw a big golden cross on the ground. I came to pick up the cross. But I could not pick it up. Then Jesus came to me. He was so beautiful and a very bright light came from Him. He told me ‘Come to me, all you who labour and are heavy laden.’”

The ministry worker asked Riham if she knew that this was a verse in the Bible, and she didn’t, so they showed her the passage in the Bible. They asked her if she knows where she will go after death, and she said

“to Heaven, because I believe in Jesus.”

*Names changed for safety